Farm Life: Mom Interview & The Cutest Toddler Farmer You Ever Did See

I first met Melanie during my more wild and frisky days, so to speak! We bar-tended together, we were servers together, we partied, and we even lived together for a short time. She and her dad showed me kindness during a tumultuous time in my life and it’s been quite the thing to watch her life and her family grow.

Now we each have two little ones, both sets born close in age. Over the past few years, I’ve watched she and her husband move across the country to Rural Saskatchewan, 10 km east of a town called Punnichy, to take up farm life and start their family. Every day pictures of her toddler daughter Emily float through my Facebook feed.

They’re not you average toddler pictures either. Well. Perhaps if you live on a farm they would seem normal, but I don’t know many young families running a farm. Having a newborn and a toddler is hard work. Starting farm and keeping it up and running on top of that? Psssh. Not for the weak, that’s for sure.

Click through for wonderful, inspiring and adorable day in the life of Emily at 2 years and one month – the cutest little farmer in the making you ever did see. Be sure to check out the interview I did with Melanie after the slideshow!

  • The High Life! 1 of 25
    A Toddler's Life on a Farm

    A lovely peek inside the daily discovery and adventuring of toddler life on a farm!

  • Mama & Daughter 2 of 25
    Toddler Living on a Farm

    If only every toddler were so lucky!

  • Chicken Catcher 3 of 25
    Toddler Living on a Farm

    Crawling into the hen house, as one does.

  • A Girl & Her Dogs 4 of 25
    Toddler Living on a Farm

    2 out of 4 strays this little cutie-pie considers family.

  • Keeper of the Goats 5 of 25
    Toddler Living on a Farm

    Dreaming big and wishing that her mom and dad buy her some goats next. Or so I imagine it. (See the interview for details on their current livestock situation and plans for the future!)

  • Future Tough Mudder & Quad Pro 6 of 25
    Toddler Living on a Farm

    If her dad has anything to do with it. No one's twisting her arm anyways, girl looks to be a natural.

  • Daddy’s Little Helper 7 of 25
    Toddler Living on a Farm

    Just busy making some stairs for the deck. All in a toddler day's work.

  • Horse Whisperer In Training 8 of 25
    Toddler Living on a Farm

    No fear this one. That's a good thing.

  • Beauty In The Everyday 9 of 25
    Toddler Living on a Farm

    Breathtaking, every-day environment, no matter the season!

  • Feeding Time 10 of 25
    Toddler Living on a farm

    Visits and snackage.

  • Toddler Living on a Farm 11 of 25
    Toddler Living on a Farm

    She's a hard-core animal lover, no doubt.

  • Daddy’s Girl 12 of 25
    Toddler Riding a Tractor

    NO reservations whatsoever. Killing me with the cute.

  • Daily Exploring & Adventuring 13 of 25
    Toddler Living on a Farm

    Getting dirty and loving it.

  • Like a Boss 14 of 25
    Toddler Riding a Tractor

    'Helping' with the chores and going for a ride.

  • Horse Lover 15 of 25
    Toddler With Horses

    Gorgeous horses, adorable family!

  • Mama’s Girl 16 of 25
    Toddler Riding on a Tractor

    Overalls are mandatory. I want a pair too!

  • Chore Time 17 of 25
    Toddler Gathering Eggs

    She looks ready to drop kick anyone who tries to take away her eggs. Iron grip.

  • First Time Rider 18 of 25
    Toddler Living on a Farm

    This is one of Emily's first time big wheel rides from when she was a baby!

  • Sowing Seeds 19 of 25
    Toddler Gardening

    Learning the ropes to growing her own food.

  • Mommy’s Little Helper 20 of 25
    Toddler Watering Flowers

    A stylin' gardener if I ever saw one. Love her big glam hat! (Or her father's tilly, same diff.)

  • Her Favourite Place To Be… 21 of 25
    Toddler Riding a Tractor

    Big wheels are for little girls.

  • The Pretty Mom Herself 22 of 25
    beautiful Pregnant Mother

    Pregnant with #2 and looking lovely!

  • Newest Addition 23 of 25
    Newborn Family Photo

    Emily's little sister, Amber Elizabeth Brohas, was born on February 11, 2013. 

  • Best Ever! 24 of 25
    Family Sledding

    Family of four (or 8, given the 4 dogs) and rockin' it! 

  • Currently 25 of 25
    Mother and Daughters

    Gorgeous mom and her gals. Good luck and many blessings on farm life sweet fam!


When/What prompted you to move and buy a farm? (Was it after Emily was born, or…?)

Melanie: Originally Ryan and I came with my brother and his wife, but they decided to go back to Ontario after a year. My mother and her farm real estate husband have a cattle ranch about an hour from here. We weren’t married yet at the time. The idea of how inexpensive property is here compared to other places was a big motivator, to be out in the country, in the middle of nowhere; appealed to us both.

You’ve been renovating the place slowly while makin’ babies, I see. What have you done over the past few years? What livestock have you added to the farm?

MelanieWell, we started with 12 hens and 3 roosters, and got up to about 60. I was selling farm fresh eggs but decided to give it up while my girls are small. We really miss it and can’t wait to start up when they can help out! Over the past few years we’ve put new floors in the house, cabinets, bathroom renos, a new deck, new furnace, new electrical, new plumbing, new doors, and fresh paint. Next up is new siding on the house, painting the barn, and building a pretty fence around the horses. We have two Appaloosa horses that a Native boy named Northstar is training to ride for us. He’s a full-on Horse Whisperer! We are actually adopting 2 Arabians this month, have plans to get some “grassers” (cows during spring, summer, and fall), and are considering goats and donkeys. Of course, there are the 4 stray dogs my husband has brought home…

Ha! How do you feel about that? (The stray dog action.)

Melanie: Ohhh, I love them of course. We have a great hiking crew when I walk with the girls in the afternoon, and they are all different sizes with great personalities. My patience for their quirky ways has waned a bit with the addition of our daughters.

No kidding. That, 4 dogs on top of everything else, I could not do. Props. When I look at your pictures, a dreamy feeling washes over me. Like I’m looking in on the perfect childhood. While I’m sure everyday has it’s own brand of toddler/baby crazy, how amazing is it to watch your little girl (and now your new one!) explore and adventure on a farm, knowing this is how she will grow up?

MelanieIt’s great, the best job I’ve ever had. I’m so thankful to be fortunate enough to stay home with them, it already seems to be going to fast! My only concern is a lack of other kids her age. She does have some friends, but distance makes socializing difficult. Although their days are busy and full of fun; Emily already knows her alphabet and is mostly potty trained.

Yea mama! On that note, what does a typical day in the life consist of? Does Emily like to “help” with the chores?

MelanieWell, Emily does like to be involved in everything I do! I used to wonder how I could do anything, but now I realize I can mostly do all the same things with her. Sure, it’s messier and takes longer, but she is learning skills and we are bonding. Now that the warm weather is here, we spend our mornings usually hanging laundry on the clothes line, cleaning the house, preparing meals, baking, watering plants inside and veggies and flowers outside, exploring the yard and apple trees and visiting the horses. After lunch I usually walk about 3 km with the girls in their mountain buggy trying to encourage Emily to nap! We take it easy in the afternoon until supper-making time and a little more outside time with Daddy. Then it’s time for that whole bathing and bed time process. This weekend we are planning on getting fire wood off of our land to heat our home this winter! I think it’s important to mention that most women around here all have gardens and do canning of vegetables, sauces and jams. We are going to be learning how to make Saskatoon wine from a neighbor this week…very exciting!

This was awesome Mel! Thanks for sharing bits of your life with me and the Babble readers!


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