Fashion is a Battlefield: What Happens When Tots Dress Themselves

Whether dad was left in charge of the morning routine or little angel demanded she wear a snow hat to school … in August, matters not. What matters is toddlers could care less about what’s hot this season or what will impress your friends … and get away with it. (Well except for that one time he tried leaving the house wearing your bra over his sweater.) After the jump, Babble readers share their toddlers’ favorite signature looks that were the result of early morning “I CHOOSE!” moments. Suri and Shiloh have nothing over these future fashionistas!







  • Talk to the Hand 1 of 15
    Talk to the Hand
    This hip cutie doesn't need your fashion critique. She's already read it on the trendiest blogs — whose writers are all following her.
    Submitted by: Jenn
  • Genie in a Bottle 2 of 15
    Genie in a Bottle
    Sometimes you just gotta put your pants on upside down to mix things up.
    Submitted by: Helen
  • America’s Next Top Models 3 of 15
    America's Next Top Models
    These sisters are obviously comfortable in each other's shoes ... and clothes. Now who's the stylist and who's the client? Tres chic ladies!
    Submitted by: Laura
  • Baby, You’re a Star! 4 of 15
    Baby, You're a Star!
    Some of us are just born close-up ready. This little diva is channeling Bette Midler circa her mermaid days.
    Submitted by: Mariana
  • Color-blocking Fabulosity 5 of 15
    Color-blocking Fabulosity
    Suri Cruise, is that you? Oh no, it's your look for less. Smart girl!
    Submitted by: Laurie
  • The Princess Diaries 6 of 15
    The Princess Diaries
    I want a pony and a castle and a flying pony and a flying castle and ... Watch out Kelly Cutrone, we see future fashion publicists in the making!
    Submitted by: Tina
  • Little Edie 7 of 15
    Little Edie
    This little one knows how to mix and match, and we dig her Grey Gardens motif.
    Submitted by: Kristy
  • Lens Crafter 8 of 15
    Lens Crafter
    Look mom, check out my new glasses! Oh and diapers were so last week. This week it's all about the big girl underwear.
    Submitted by: Danyell
  • Beyond Fierce 9 of 15
    Beyond Fierce
    No need to worry about extra horizontal stripe weight when you're only 70 lbs. In fact, draw more attention to your slender frame by adding a splash of leopard! This fashionista knows what's up.
    Submitted by: Brandy
  • Decisions, Decisions 10 of 15
    Decisions, Decisions
    Stripes or polka dots? I can't decide. Ah heck with it, I'll wear both!
    Submitted by: Casey
  • Mariachi-Firefighter-Magician 11 of 15
    Why choose just one look?
    Submitted by: Diane
  • Emergency Procedure 12 of 15
    Emergency Procedure
    Inspired by Alexander McQueen's spring/summer 1997 collection.
    Submitted by: Melissa
  • Pirates are SO In Right Now 13 of 15
    Pirates are SO In Right Now
    We're pretty sure Marc Jacobs sported this look recently. Coming to preschools near you!
    Submitted by: Annie
  • Catalogue Living 14 of 15
    Catalogue Living
    What's that mom? You want to do the laundry? You'll have to pry it from my fashion forward hands ...
    Submitted by: Lesley
  • Next Stop, Park Slope 15 of 15
    Next Stop, Park Slope
    The hat, the headphones, the shirt with ponies ... This is a Williamsburg baby if we've ever seen one. The one-shoe trend will reach Middle America hipsters sometime next year.
    Submitted by: Erin

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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