21 Father’s Day Gifts My Husband (And Yours) Might Actually Want

Let’s face it … there are a lot of lame Father’s Day gifts out there. Yes, at the heart of it, it is the thought that counts, but what man wants a boring tie year after year?

My husband isn’t super into gifts in general; he’s a little bit too practical. If it’s not functional, it won’t really be all that appreciated. So, I’ve started my hunt for Father’s Day gifts early this year and I’ve come up with quite a few options that I think he would love — all of them a balance of form and function.

Check them out — maybe you’ll find a few that your husband/boyfriend/father of your children might enjoy as well!

1. Timex Weekender: I love a man in a watch, but the fancy metal ones aren’t really my guy’s speed. This Timex with its rugged leather band would be perfect no matter what he is wearing.

Available now for $88

image source: huckberry

2. Kami Mug Cup: My man is a lover of coffee and is always on the lookout for the perfect mug. This one is awesome.

Available now for $28.23 – 29.94

image source: analogue life

3. Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag: Every morning before work and our daughter wakes up, my husband makes me a delicious mocha to enjoy while I plug away writing during the early morning hours. The trade off is that I make him a lunch. The only problem is I’ve never been able to find a lunch bag he will deem appropriately manly, thus he is relegated to using our recycled Chipotle take out bags for his lunch. This waxed canvas bag would be a wonderful “manly” alternative.

Available now for $48

image source: etsy

4. DIY Wooden Bungee Organizer: My man isn’t the most organized, but perhaps it is simply because he hasn’t been provided with the proper organizational tools. These bungee organizers look cool and are functional too. Plus, if it kept him a bit more organized, this would be a gift for the both of us!

Tutorial available from Brit & Co

Image Source: Brit & Co
Image Source: Brit & Co

5. Corn Cob Pipes: An evening pipe smoke is one of life’s little pleasures that my husband enjoys. If the daddy in your life doesn’t yet smoke a pipe, corn cob pipes are a great place to start if he’s interested in trying it on for size. These are what Craig started out with.

Available now for $18.98

image source: huckberry

6. Meershaum Pipe: This is my favorite from my man’s pipe collection — such a beauty and seriously a steal for such fantastic hand carving.

Available now for $67.99

image source: meerschaum

7. Imperial Barber Shave Gift Set: Although mine is sporting a full beard these days and doesn’t need a close shave, this kit would be a nice way to pamper a man who does.

Available now for $36

image source: imperial barber products

8. Herringbone Card Case: A thin wallet like this is my husband’s option of choice as his current one is starting to fall apart. It would be a great time to give him an upgrade.

Available now for $55

image source: nordstrom

9. House Spirits White Dog Whiskey: A lover of whiskey, this is one of my husband’s favorites and a local Portland treasure.

Available now for $33.99

image source: fine wine and good spirits

10. Preston Sunglasses: A few years ago, my man’s nice (read: expensive) sunglasses fell into the river. Ever since he’s relegated himself to cheap dollar store versions or just gone without. Sunglasses would make a great gift, because it’s not something he would typically buy for himself.

Available now for $95

image source: warby parker

11. Tobacco + Sandalwood Natural Soy Candle: A manly smell that would be much more appreciated than my typically vanilla based candle favorites.

Available now for $30

image source: sydney hale co.

12. Leatherman Multitool: Yes, he already has a Leatherman, but this one is pretty bad ass … it might be time for an update.

Available now for $169.85

image source: leatherman

13. Ion Lamp: Since he loves all things industrial in aesthetic, I think he would love this lamp for his nightstand.

Available now for $110

image source: food52

14. Logitech Universal Remote: We have the older version of this universal remote and this would make for a nice upgrade. If you don’t have a universal remote, this could make a great gift. Say goodbye to all those obnoxious controllers for good!

Available now for $199.99

image source: best buy

15. Galvanized Metal Tub: While my guy isn’t really into gardening, he is definitely into cooking and mixology and it would make a fun gift to fill a tub like this with a few herbs (rosemary, basil, mint…) for his creations.

Available now for $15.98

image source: lowe’s

16. Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit: Because he always likes to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Available now for $9.95

image source: rei

17. Beer Brewing Starter Set: While my husband has progressed in his home brewing set-up to the point where we now have three kegs sitting in our garage, this starter set would make a great gift for the beer enthusiast who is interested in trying their hand at home brewing.

Available now for $75

image source: brooklyn brew shop

18. C&L Era 59 Shoes: Classic lace-up Vans are my husband’s perennial shoe favorite and he wears them to death. As such, he is forever in need of a new pair. These would be great and I like that they offer a fun little twist on the classic with the touch of leather and pop of pattern inside.

Available now for $55

image source: vans

19. Classic Pajama Pant: Because he never can have too many pairs of pajama pants. These are a great classic for summer.

Available now for $39.50

image source: j.crew

20. Seersucker Board Shorts: In the summer months we spend a lot of time at the lake, so these would be a great grown-up board shorts option. The seersucker is fantastic!

Available now for $70

image source: j.crew

21. 45 RPM Record Coasters: A lover of beverages like my baby daddy would appreciate these fun coasters to keep those pesky water rings off of furniture. We’re parents now … which means we’re grown-ups … which means we appreciate things like coasters now.

Available now for $13.80

image source: perpetual kid
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