Fear of Thunder

I love these posts where we sit down like friends with cups of coffee or wine or maybe smoothies if it’s mid-day, but either way I adore you being a part of telling my story.

So thanks for being here and reading this.  xoxo.

p.s. can you believe we’re almost to the end of July?!  where is this year going??

It’s blazing hot down here in the South so I hope you’re all staying cool with sprinklers and iced coffee like me.  Harrison was my little buddy all weekend as my husband had to go to his hometown for some family issues and a golf tournament, but the little dude and I had a ton of fun.  We hit up the playground early on Saturday morning and then beat the heat by perusing HomeGoods, where I found the most delicious chair and managed to score The Lamp That Got Away.

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On Sunday, we visited the local children’s museum since we had free tickets.  I have to admit that those places irritate me because there are kids everywhere, which is a DUH! factor except I’m just not that big of a fan of other people’s children.  Truth hurts, yo. I stuck it out for a few hours for Harrison, once he warmed up and started really playing.

The other thing that really became noticeable this weekend is Harrison’s terror of thunder.  I have never been afraid of storms, but he is truly terrified.  Even when it’s daylight, he screams and cries and just wants to be held.  Our dog, Tucker, ran out to potty and it thundered and Harry started screaming, “OH NO! TUCK!!!” like he thought she’d be struck down immediately.  He only calmed when I called her back in, but I spent the majority of Saturday night camped on the twin bed in his room as the thunder lasted all evening.  Then a HUGE storm blew in around 3am and a patter of feet came flying into our bedroom.  He stayed snuggled between me and Doug until 7:30 that morning. Poor little guy!

  • Momma, wash car? 1 of 9
    Momma, wash car?
    Harrison's favorite thing is to get my car cleaned and thankfully, it needs it regularly!
  • I found a chair 2 of 9
    I found a chair
    FINALLY. It's so comfy and I cannot wait to curl up with a book in our new home. I also sat in it until a store employee walked by.
  • A little light reading. 3 of 9
    A little light reading.
    Since our buyers asked for Harrison's swingset to be included with the house sale, he is very intent on picking out the very best swingset for the new house. (see also: OUCH! on the wallet)
  • Revlon Lip Butter is my homeslice 4 of 9
    Revlon Lip Butter is my homeslice
    I don't put on makeup to go to work often, but when I do it's in the car at 8:58 in the parking lot.
  • Storms rolling through 5 of 9
    Storms rolling through
    Impressive, right?! This was my view driving home on Friday evening right before the skies opened. Yikes!
  • During the storms 6 of 9
    During the storms
    We've discovered with the summer storms that Harrison is terrified of thunder.
  • Children’s museum 7 of 9
    Children's museum
    We spent several hours in the local children's museum where Harrison was free to climb and explore and splash with it all on his level.
  • No napping 8 of 9
    No napping
    He revolted against naps both days this past weekend but when we got in the car to go to daycare, he said "I want to nap at school." OF COURSE HE DOES.
  • Home Goods, you are drunk 9 of 9
    Home Goods, you are drunk
    Yes, that is a $99 grater. The weirdest part is that yes, it is the size of that chair. Conversation starter, I guess?


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