15 Months Old!

Fifteen months of cuteness!

Another month, another update. This brings us to a whopping 15! Where does the time go?

Cullen just gets more and more fun by the day. Most of the time he’s a barrel of laughs, but he’s also teaching me about the challenges and hurdles of toddlerhood too. It’s amazing how quickly he’s becoming a little person with thoughts, feelings, words, and opinions. Oh yes, opinions.

Most of his opinions are food related these days. Yes, I’ll have more toast and another muffin. No thanks for the broccoli and the avocado. Although recently I think this may have been more teething-related.  Yep, I said teething – it’s back! After months and months of no action on the gums, the molars are suddenly coming through full force! But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Here’s a look at everything he’s up to now at 15 months!

  • Love those chubby cheeks 1 of 10
    Love those chubby cheeks
    Cullen is in this really great stage right now where he's doing lots of fun toddler stuff, but he's also still very much a baby. I'll see him running and jumping around and think about how big he's gotten. And in the next moment, he'll turn around and I'll see his juicy chubby baby cheeks.
  • Someone (finally) got a haircut! 2 of 10
    Someone (finally) got a haircut!
    The big news this month is that he finally got a haircut! We attempted one last month, which was a total disaster. We tried again last week, and had success at a barber shop! As much as I loved his crazy mop of wispy curls, it was getting to be a bit too much. He was looking like Ringo Starr. The hairdresser didn't take off much just the really long pieces on the sides, and an inch or two off the back. Now he's looking a lot more coiffed, and a lot less mullet.
  • On the move 3 of 10
    On the move
    He is on the go ALL the time now. He's steady and sturdy, and he often looks back and laughs as he runs away. I fear the day when he is faster than me.
  • How high can you go? 4 of 10
    How high can you go?
    Indoor play is a lot of the same as it has been for the past few months stacking, sorting, moving, tapping, and organizing. He is obsessed with all things CUPS. But his fine motor and cognitive skills are noticeably developing. He used to just bang cups together and move them around, but now he can build a tower, and he knows which cups will fit into each other. It's pretty impressive!
  • Check out my tasty treat! 5 of 10
    Check out my tasty treat!
    I thought we had finally passed the everything-in-the-mouth stage, which has felt never-ending. Turns out, it is. We are back to digging rocks and mulch out of his mouth whenever he is outside. Seriously, when does this stop? I am 31, and can't remember the last time I tried to eat a rock or a stick.
  • Nothing is considered safe with this guy 6 of 10
    Nothing is considered safe with this guy
    He's becoming more and more daring and bold, which is fun and also terrifying. He flings his body across the room, flies full speed into my lap, and his forehead usually has at least one bruise or big red spot. Casey and I live in constant fear that we will accidentally leave the baby gates open. He's so naturally curious, and even though I've tried to teach him to go down on his belly, I'm so afraid of what would happen if he had the chance. Let's hope we never find out!
  • The little engine that could 7 of 10
    The little engine that could
    He has so much determination and motivation. Whether it's getting the pieces to fit into the shape sorter or climbing up the slide on the playground, he keeps going and going until he gets it.
  • Care for another bite? 8 of 10
    Care for another bite?
    His belly is gigantic and ridiculous. I love it. He starts out really skinny in the morning, and then eats and eats all day until his belly is ready to burst at night. I'll let you guess what I am greeted with every morning. Yikes.
  • Knocking on wood loudly… 9 of 10
    Knocking on wood loudly...
    Sleeping is still going really well, despite changing time zones last week. We're back onto Pacific time now that we're home, and he's sleeping 7:30am to around 8ish in the morning. It is bliss. We are all so much more well rested these days.
  • Here come the teeth again! 10 of 10
    Here come the teeth again!
    After months of months of no teething action, we are finally seeing some white poking through again. He's currently getting both his upper and lower left molars, which is causing an insane amount of drool, a runny nose, and a super cling monster. I can't really blame him though can you imagine what that feels like? Thank goodness we forget!


And last but not least, a rundown for the month!

15 Months:

  • Weight:  gigantic.  I’m guessing at least 24 pounds.
  • New Words:  no, uh oh, yeah, and again
  • Teeth:  eight, with two more on the way
  • Favorite Foods:  broccoli, black beans, Mediterranean hummus, mini muffins, sweet potatoes, steamed apples, fresh pairs, toast with sunbutter
  • Likes:  being held by mom, giving the dogs their treats, drinking from straws, eating out of his snack cup, reading books, wash baskets, playing with phones, climbing in and out of his reading chair
  • Dislikes:  the stroller, getting dressed, wearing shoes, walking and holding hands, the dogs being too rowdy, dad going to work, getting strapped into the car seat
Article Posted 4 years Ago

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