Fight the Funk! 10 Bloggers Dish Their Favorite Detergents for Washing Cloth Diapers

What is your favorite?

Ever wonder what other cloth diapering moms are using to wash the funk out of their diapers? I always am because I still consider myself really new to cloth diapering as a whole.

While I have been using cloth diapers with my toddler since he was roughly 18 months old… I am exploring new diapering options, detergents and types of diapers.

Plus having two kids in cloth diapers makes things interesting.

I had the opportunity to talk with some other cloth diapering bloggers — some of your faves on the internet and picked their brain for their favorite detergents to help fight the funk right out of their diapers!

Some of the detergents are favorites of mine like Rockin’ Green and Tide Original… and then there are some I had never even heard of before like Dropps or Dapple. Well I love Dapple just never thought of using it to wash my diapers!

If you are a cloth diapering mom… what is your favorite detergent?
Any tricks you want to share with others when it comes to getting your diapers nice and clean?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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