First Day of School

Doesn't it just melt your heart?

Yesterday my oldest toddler, who I guess is now a pre-schooler officially had his first day of school.  We all packed in the van at 8:45 am and headed towards his school for his anticipated 9 am arrival.   The whole way I had my camera attached to my neck and I was working on choking back all the tears I was fighting.

Doesn’t everyone cry when their first baby goes to school? I didn’t want him to totally freak out when I turned around to leave so I just figured the calmest I remained, the better off it would be for him.

And my plan totally worked!

I walked him in, brought him into his classroom and then quietly turned around and walked out with both my 2 year old, and 4 month old in her heavy car seat.  He never even knew we left.

In fact, it was my 2 year old that had the problem leaving.  He didn’t want to leave Camden’s school. He wanted to stay with his big brother who he is rarely ever apart from, and play with all the cool toys they had in his classroom.  The meltdown continued when we got home because he was vitally stumped as to why Camden was gone, and he wasn’t with him.

He eventually picked up his security blanket, laid on the floor to watch Cars and passed right out.  I guess he was bored with Camden gone and his sister hogging mommy with her marathon feeding sessions now.

When it was time to come home I went and picked him up and he was upset.  I thought we would get through the first day without any tears but he threw his backpack on the floor, stomped, and almost made a scene.

He had a full blown meltdown in the car. Tears, growls, and a clear nap was needed.

I am toying around with the idea of switching to full day pre-school on the days that he does go to school just because later on in the day he expressed sadness to me that he wouldn’t get to finish the day with the other kids.

But for now… We all made it through the first day!

And for a couple pictures!

  • He wouldn’t smile 1 of 5
    He wouldn't smile
    He wouldn't smile for pictures... at all!
  • Watching the Kids 2 of 5
    Watching the Kids
    He was watching all the kids across the street waiting for the big kid Kindergarten school bus.
  • Walking to school 3 of 5
    Walking to school
    They held hands and walked together across the parking lot... it was thee cutest thing ever!
  • Posing 4 of 5
    I asked them to turn and smile... and this is all that I got. LOL
  • Classroom 5 of 5
    Camden outside his classroom before he went in!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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