First Haircut at Disney World

Baby needs a hair cut!Our little dude Zeke just turned 1 and I have yet to cut his hair. While our other 2 boys had wild and crazy hair, and needed haircuts before they were 6 months old, Zeke’s hair came in a bit slower. That’s until as of recent. All of a sudden, Zeke’s fine baby hairs have grown into a curly mop that sits on top of his head. While the curls are adorable, the rest of his head is sprouting wild hairs that go every which direction causing him to sometimes look a bit clownish.

So, I should just go get his hair cut, right? Yep, well that’s what I thought. And THEN I saw THIS video about what goes down at the Harmony Barbershop at Disney World when you get your first hair cut there.

From the Disney blog:

The Harmony Barber shop welcomes about 400 Walt Disney World Resort guests a week and is located just past City Hall on the corner of Main Street, U.S.A. It is open to walk-ins daily from 9 a.m. 6 p.m. Prices range from $15-19.

Oh, and “First Haircuts” is the establishment’s specialty. Children who receive their first haircut are treated to surprises, including bubbles, Mickey Mouse stickers, an extra-special “My 1st Haircut” set of Mouse Ears, special “pixie dust” and a certificate. Haircuts for children age 12 and under are priced at just $14.

They sold me at “special mouse ears” and “pixie dust.” Sorry Zeke, we’re not headed to Disney until next summer and by that time you’ll surely look like a lion, or a full-fledged clown, or you’ll be possibly mistaken for a girl. Looks like mom will be attempting to trim the do

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