Five-Ingredient Recipes For Quick Weeknight Meals

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As we continue to get ready for the arrival of our new baby, I’m deep into nesting and preparing as much as possible.  In between organizing closets and washing tiny baby clothes, I’m also trying to mentally prepare by envisioning how our schedule and basic daily tasks are going to chance one there is another child to care for and manage.

As it is now, I often find it to be a struggle to get dinner on the table some nights — and that’s with just chasing one toddler around!  I imagine this will feel much more complicated with a newborn added to the mix.

To prepared as much as possible, I’m stocking up and planning to rely heavily on things like my rice cooker, simple recipes that can be thrown together quickly, and pantry items like canned vegetables, canned beans, and canned fruit.

Here is a roundup of recipes each featuring just five basic ingredients — including nutritious canned goods you already have in your panty — that can be thrown together for quick and easy weeknight meals.

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    Look no further than your own kitchen pantry for most of what you need for these quick and easy dinners!

  • Smoky Tomato and Lentil Soup 2 of 8

    This soup sounds sophisticated, but couldn't be more simple.  It combines canned lentils and tomatoes with smoked paprika, dried chilis, and a touch of soy sauce. You can have dinner ready in a matter of minutes, although the flavors will just get better and better the longer it simmers.

    Recipe and photo credit:  The Stone Soup

  • Sweet N Sour Pork Chops 3 of 8

    A can of crushed pineapple combines perfectly with honey barbecue sauce to make a quick and easy marinade for these sweet n sour pork chops. Serve alongside canned peas or even canned carrots, beets or corn.

    Recipe and photo credit:  Taste of Home

  • Vegetable and White Bean Stew 4 of 8

    This gorgeous vegetable and white bean stew is the perfect recipe to bookmark as the weather finally starts to cool down.  Fresh zucchini and spinach pair perfectly with canned tomatoes and white beans to create a simple and nutritious vegetarian meal.  Make a big batch and freeze the leftovers for another busy evening!

    Recipe and photo credit:  The Stone Soup

  • Quick & Easy BBQ Cups 5 of 8

    These BBQ cups are so fun, and make for great kid-friendly finger food! Try swapping out the ground meat and replacing it with canned beans for a quick, nutritious and meatless meal the whole family will go nuts over.  A can of pre-made biscuits will help get dinner on the table quickly!

    Recipe and photo source:  Yummy Healthy Easy

  • Black Bean Quesadillas 6 of 8

    For whatever reason, I can get my kid to eat almost anything if I hide it inside a tortilla. He loves holding his own little sandwich, and I love that it's easy and relatively low on the mess factor. These black bean quesadillas come together in just about fifteen minutes, and can serve as an easy and tasty dinner paired with fun toppings like avocado and salsa.  

    Recipe and photo credit:  Eating Well

  • Cowboy Beef 7 of 8

    No kitchen item is as highly regarded and popular with moms as the crockpot. It's such an easy way to get dinner on the table on even the busiest days, since you can throw everything together first thing in the morning and then come home to a house that smells like supper. If your family likes classic dishes like pot roast and beef stew, consider trying this recipe for cowboy beef. All you need are some basic pantry canned goods and a nice cut of beef - throw it all together and press start!

    Recipe and photo credit:  Better Homes & Gardens

  • Lemon Basil Pasta 8 of 8

    Pasta is one of our quick, weeknight staple dinners, but simple marinara and noodles gets old after a while. This lemon basil pasta is a great way to use up end of summer herbs, and bring a little life and color back to pasta night.  Adding a can of beans your linguine adds a nice protein boost to help make this a complete meal.

    Recipe and photo credit:

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