For the Love of Babies (Pictorial Journey)

Strollin'I’ve never been into gender-specific (what is that even?!) toys for my little ones. We’ve purchased and been gifted toys over the years, naturally, and it’s all there for the playing.

We don’t push cars on our son, or dolls onto our little girl. She loves cars as does her brother, but she loves her baby dolls more. Her brother?

Well, he sleeps with Matchbox cars under his pillow if that’s any indication of his adoration for them.

As for dolls, he likes to toss them down the stairs, or run around maniacally cackling while dangling one by the toes or something, pretending to torture the baby, which in turn tortures his sister.

Which, obviously, is the whole point.

So. Am I worried that my 19-month-old toddler girl is obsessed with baby dolls? Nope. Except when I think about the first time she asks for or is gifted a Barbie. Just. Ugh. No. The time is near, I know, when I must face such realities, but not yet.

Right now, I’m just going to fawn over the adorableness of my sweet mini-diva doting on her ever-growing array of dollies and baby dolls. Her penchant for plushies also seems to be growing. Which is a new one for me, my son was never into them except for 2 lovies he’s had since birth.

She, on the other hand, wants them all and goes slightly nutters about having as many in her arms with her babies or in her vicinity as possible.

It’s an addiction really, and pretty soon, by the looks of things in her crib, it’s about time for a toddler intervention. Not that I’m actually going to dissuade her from her hardcore love for that of the baby doll and the plush.

Because C U T E. (See below the slideshow for submission details regarding round 2 of #dollcrazed cuteness!)

  • Her Very 1st One 1 of 13
    Her Very 1st One
    As seen here last fall with the baby doll that started it all.
  • Feeding Time 2 of 13
    Feeding Time
    Apples are everyone's favourite snack, or should be according to Abby.
  • Christmas Day 3 of 13
    Christmas Day
    Running wild and giddy with glee over her new baby stroller and talking baby doll. Oh THE JOY.
  • Cuddles 4 of 13
    Apparently everyone in our family noted her love for baby dolls and we have Christmas to thank for the massive explosion to her collection.
  • More Cuddles 5 of 13
    More Cuddles
    The kisses and hugs that she bestows upon her baby dolls is constant, and yes - it is darling.
  • Role-Play 6 of 13
    She gets right into feeding her babies and "shhhing" them to sleep, or humming them lullabies (I KNOW) and giving them bum-pats, rocking, etc.
  • In Need of a Double Stroller 7 of 13
    In Need of a Double Stroller
    If only those existed in smaller form. Until then, this will have to do.
  • Not Without My Baby 8 of 13
    Not Without My Baby
    Watching a movie simple can't happen without a selection of her babies at her feet to select and cuddle.
  • 3 to a Cart 9 of 13
    3 to a Cart
    We're at the point now where she requests (demands) to bring her dolls everywhere. The compromise is one. Not 10.
  • Getting Dressed 10 of 13
    Getting Dressed
    Soon after she gets dressed in the morning, it's off to dress her babies.
  • Gang of Babies 11 of 13
    Gang of Babies
    Sleeping simply doesn't happen unless she's surrounded.
  • All in a Day 12 of 13
    All in a Day
    A mother's work is never done.
  • Morning Stroll 13 of 13
    Morning Stroll
    I fully expect the spring to bring her walking her cute little bum all over the place outside. While strollin' of course.


Who else has a little toddler girl obsessed with her baby dolls? Do you have a cute photo of her doting on them, or surrounded by them? Send them over to me if you’d like to be included in the 2nd edition.

Email your pictures to: (include a link to your blog or website if you have one!)

***Or: tag your pictures on Instagram with #dollcrazed . My username is: @lepetitreve

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