Forget Crayons: The Best Art Materials for Toddlers

Crayons are the ubiquitous art material for young children, right? If there is one art material every family has on hand, it’s probably crayons. But as widespread as they are, I don’t feel they are the best art material for toddlers. You have to press hard to get bright color application, the paper wrapper is a pain, and the skinny crayons just break so quickly. Even the paperless chunky crayons we have at home get ignored for other, more satisfying art materials.

So what materials do I think are the best for toddlers?

One that we have really loved as a family and with the toddler art group are the Crayola Twistables Slick Stix. These are awesome for little kids much better than crayons because they glide on smoothly with little pressure and the color is vibrant. They are basically oil pastels in a hard plastic case, making them easy to grip and use. We use regular oil pastels, too, but the abuse they receive by my toddler quickly renders them broken and paperless. So we keep the oil pastels up high for use by my 5 year old and the Slick Stix down low at toddler height.

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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