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Last month my little ones and I were lucky enough to cross paths with children slash youth graphic novel author and illustrator Chad Solomon at a local Pow Wow. I had read about him before and was pretty excited to meet him!

A member of the Henvey Inlet, Ojibway First Nation in Ontario, Canada, Chad has been working as a sequential artist since 2002. All of his work is based upon the teaching that resonated with him the most from his grandfather during his childhood:

“No matter how old I become, I should always be young-at-heart and that laughter is the Greatest Medicine.”

It was this mantra that inspired him to start up his company Little Spirit Bear Productions. He teamed up with a couple of other creative geniuses Christopher Meyer and Tanya Leary to publish a line of graphic novels for young children and the young at heart, with his newest venture being a series of picture books for early readers (stage 2). Both of the series revolve around the humorous adventures of sibling brothers Rabbit and Bear Paws set in 18th century colonized North America.

Using traditional Native Teachings and humour, the stories are based on The Seven Fire Prophecies and The Seven Grandfathers. In a delightfully comical, mischievous, fun and colourful way. We have a few of the books in our home and both our 21 month old and 3.5 year old love them, more-so the eldest as he has really gotten into reading. Overall I think these books are great for the whole family and a variety of age groups, click through to discover more!

  • A Collection… 1 of 9
    Rabbit & Bear Paw Graphic Novels

    Click through to discover and preview what Rabbit & Bear Paw books for toddlers (and those who love graphic novels), are all about!

  • Early Reader Stage 2: Respect 2 of 9
    Rabbit & Bear Paws Sacred Seven: Respect Book

    This is 1 of 7 books in the comical picture book series, 'Rabbit & Bear Paws Sacred Seven'. The theme is respect, wherein Rabbit and friends learn about the Native Grandfather Teaching of Respect from their buffalo friends. Rabbit and Bear Paws have different ideas on what it means to respect each-other as friends, other people and animals. This is a great book for toddlers who have been reading for a few months and are ready to start sounding out bigger words! Wyndham comes back to this book and another one in the series that we have, time and again. 
    Available via Rabbit & Bear Paws, $7.99

  • Stage 2 Early Reader: Truth 3 of 9
    Rabbit and Bear Paws: Sacred Seven - Truth

    Another personal top pick from the, 'Rabbit & Bear Paws Sacred Seven' picture book series by Chad Solomon. This one focuses on the teaching of truth in a cute and funny way for young children to glean; from an Anishinaabe perspective. Each of the 7 books in the series focuses on one of the traditional 7 Grandfather Teachings: Love, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Wisdom, Humility, Truth, Love. Each book also features a Seven Grandfather Teachings Comparison Chart at the end. This one is another one of Wyndham's recent favourite books to tackle reading together at night.
    Available via Rabbit & Bear Paws, $9.95

  • Graphic Novel: Tall Tale 4 of 9
    Graphic Novel by Chad Solomon

    As I am sure you can surmise by the title, this is a valuable teaching for toddlers on the cusp of official 'childhood'. 
    View some more sample pages from "Tale Tale"

  • Graphic Novel: True Hearts 5 of 9
    Graphic Novels by Chad Solomon and Chistopher Meyer

    Such a sweet (and hilarious) story explaining love (as much as can be explained anyways), to young curious minds.
    View some more sample pages from "True Hearts"

  • Graphic Novel: The Voyagers 6 of 9
    Graphic Novels by Chad Solomon and Christopher Meyer

    A funny story all about adventuring, courage and mischief.
    View some more sample pages from "The Voyageurs"

  • New Item 7 7 of 9
    Graphic Novels by Chad Solomon and Christopher Meyer

    A fun story teaching little ones about the importance of listening to their elders, lest they want to end up in some pretty hairy predicaments!
    View some more sample pages from "The Sugar Bush"

  • Graphic Novel: Bear Walker 8 of 9
    Graphic Novels by Chad Solomon & Christopher Meyer

    All about siblings and fine line slash art of playing trickster with each-other.

    View some more sample pages from "Bear Walker"

  • Puppets Coming Soon! 9 of 9
    Puppets by Chad Solomon

    If you are lucky enough to cross paths with Chad on the Pow Wow trail like we did, that's the only way you're going to get your paws (heh heh), on one of these sweet puppets for your kids. For now anyways! Available online soon!


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