From Baby to Big Brother!

baby announcement
And baby makes four!

I’ve casually dropped our news into other posts, but it’s probably long overdue that it gets a post of its own. We’re having another baby!┬áThat’s right, the current “baby” of the family is well on his way to becoming a big brother. He doesn’t really know it yet, but right now there is a tiny little person growing and forming, who will become a huge, permanent part of his life. Pretty cool to think about.

Big brother might also end up sharing a birthday, although I hope not because that will mean I go way past my due date. But we’re having another October baby, which means Cullen and his little sib will be almost exactly two years apart. When we decided to start trying for #2, my husband and I agreed that two years was the least amount of time we wanted between children. Good thing we didn’t start trying any sooner, because it happened right away! We feel very lucky to have had such an easy journey so far this time around.

While we still have plenty of time to prepare, my mind is already swirling with figuring out how to best prepare Cullen for this big change. I hope to talk up his role as big brother and make him feel very important. He’s already learned to point at my belly and say, “baby” – and just yesterday he leaned down and gave it a sweet kiss. Moments like that definitely help ease the nerves and and worries going into this big unknown.

Of course there is much more to say about a second pregnancy, thinking about labor and delivery all over again, steps we’ll take to help prepare our toddler, what we might do differently this time – but those are all topics for another day (or month!). For now, I just wanted to share our news and thank you for continuing to be part of our family’s journey.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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