Fun and Simple Dye-Free Easter Activities for Toddlers

Dying Easter eggs is great and all, but there’s just one thing about it when it comes to toddlers—it involves using colored dye!  How about some Easter activities for toddlers that are simple, fun and won’t stain every square inch of your toddler’s being.


Felt Easter Basket 1 of 7
A tisket, a tasket, a felt Easter basket! Your toddler will feel so excited to know that he made the basket he will then put his eggs into. Or he may likely only care about finding the eggs and eating the jelly beans. Well, anyway, you'll feel excited about the basket. Find out how to make it at One Charming Party.
Easter Egg Matching 2 of 7
This activity idea from Shelfwork involves matching egg halves together to form a whole egg. It's simple, inexpensive and helps little ones work on matching skills. You had me at "simple and inexpensive…"
Homemade Bunny Ears 3 of 7
All it takes to make your own bunny ears is a headband, cardboard, scissors and glue. Add "patience" to that and this sounds an awful lot like my daily morning routine for my hair and makeup. Find the template and instructions at Kidspot.
Bunny Hop Finger Puppet 4 of 7
This bunny finger puppet is as easy as it is adorable. And it has goggly eyes! Toddlers go gaga for googly eyes. At least my toddler does. And I love any reason to use craft foam, and I don't know why. It just feels right. Find template and instructions at Crafty Journal.
Egg Puzzles 5 of 7
Here's another educational game to play with your toddler. Teach her numbers and counting with this cracked egg puzzle. It's called good, old-fashioned non-iPad fun! Find this and other fun activities at Toddler Approved.
Easter Egg Bocce 6 of 7
I'll admit, I look for any opportunity to play Bocce. Or at least to say it. Bocce. What a great word. Get your kids into this classic Italian lawn-bowling game for some Easter fun using eggs instead of bocce balls. Learn how to do this at Martha Stewart.
Paper Bird Nest 7 of 7
Using shredded paper, glue and a bowl you and your toddler can produce this cool and creative bird's nest. What a great way to transform old newspaper, sales circulars and craft paper scraps into funky art. I don't know about you, but I could get 10 nests out of all the Bed Bath & Beyond coupons I've been stockpiling that are now expired. Learn how to make this beauty at Artbar.
Article Posted 3 years Ago

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