15 Fun Bath Time Activities That Don’t Include a Rubber Duck!

Image source: Thinkstock
Image source: Thinkstock

F-U-N. I am on a mission to make life funner. That word funner just makes me smile. In order to accomplish this mission, I am taking ordinary activities and finding new creative and out-of-the-box twists to accomplish them.

One thing I want to spruce up is the way I spend time with my kids. While I have more time with them now then I ever have, I feel myself slumping into cranky mom. I want it to be fun and memorable — at least more so than cranky!

While I haven’t found a way to make diaper changing fun, I did find several ways to liven up bath time. Check out 15 fun bath time activities that don’t include a rubber duck:

  • Colored Ice Cubes 1 of 15
    Colored Ice Cubes
    Drop colored ice cubes in the bathtub and watch your toddler chase them around before they melt, dying the water.
    Learn how at Just a Pinch
  • Create a Water Wall 2 of 15
    Create a Water Wall
    With duct tape, pvc pipes, and some imagination, just think how your toddler will FREAK out when he or she sees this water wall!
    Check out how Experimenting Mom created this water wall!
  • Fishing for Letters 3 of 15
    Fishing for Letters
    With magnet ABC letters, a colored bathtub, and a fishing pole with a magnet tied to the end, your kid can go fishing in the bathroom!
    Learn more at Pigtails and Tutus
  • Bath Glow 4 of 15
    Bath Glow
    This looks so fun, I WANT TO DO IT! Just visit your local dollar store, pick up some glow sticks and drop them in the tub. According to Itz Mitz, you can freeze them and retain their glow until your next usage!
    Check out Itz Mitz and her kids' bath time glow adventure
  • Watercolors in the Bath 5 of 15
    Watercolors in the Bath
    Pull out those watercolors and let your toddler paint the bath!
    Read more about watercolors in the bath at Tinker Lab
  • Paint with Colored Shaving Cream 6 of 15
    Paint with Colored Shaving Cream
    How is this for FUN? This is colored shaving cream!
    Check out Meet the Dubiens' post on rainbow shaving cream
  • Throw a Bath Time Puppet Show 7 of 15
    Throw a Bath Time Puppet Show
    Make or buy a few bath puppets and have your toddler throw you a bath time puppet show.
    Cathie Filian shows you how to make these adorable bath time puppets
  • Wind Up Toy Races 8 of 15
    Wind Up Toy Races
    Line up your toddlers' wind up bath toys and watch them race? Who will win?
    The adorable wind up toys above are available at Pottery Barn Kids
  • ABC Sponges 9 of 15
    ABC Sponges
    Practice your ABCs during bath time with ABC sponges!
    Martha Stewart, of course - will teach you how to make these
  • Craft Foam in the Bath Tub 10 of 15
    Craft Foam in the Bath Tub
    Who knew? Craft foam (extremely cheap at Hobby Lobby and the dollar store) works perfect in the bathtub!
    Thanks Apartment Therapy for the great idea!
  • Color the Bath Tub 11 of 15
    Color the Bath Tub
    Make some bathtub crayons and tell your toddler that the bath tub is his blank canvas.
    Deal Wise Mommy shows us how to make DIY bath crayons
  • Bath Time Puff Paint 12 of 15
    Bath Time Puff Paint
    I've never seen anything like this! It's PUFF PAINT for the bath tub! This is flashing me back to my early childhood and the hideous shirts my mom use to make me and my sister. ACK!
    Chalk in My Pocket shows us how to make bath puff paint
  • Water Balloon Bath 13 of 15
    Water Balloon Bath
    Fill balloons with colored water. Let your toddler play with the balloons and pop them (or cut them) to see what color is inside.
    Play at Home Mom of 3 shows us how to make a water balloon bath
  • iSpy in the Bath Tub 14 of 15
    iSpy in the Bath Tub
    This is a fun game! Stick various items around the bathroom that are visible from the bathtub. Turn out the lights and stick your toddler in the tub. Give him a submersible flashlight and have him SPY the various items.
    Thanks to Play at Home Mom of 3 for this fun idea
  • Themed Baths 15 of 15
    Themed Baths
    Okay, so I have heard of themed parties and themed dinners and themed rooms and themed outfits, but themed baths - that's a new one, but how cute is this? The picture above is of a princess themed bath!
    Thanks to Growing a Jeweled Rose for this fun idea

No offense rubber ducky, we still love all 20 something of you that seem to reproduce and clog up our bath toy box.

Bath time made funner … check!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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