Fun Up Your Thanksgiving With Turkey Notes!

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude, feasting and fun!

Unfortunately, I know holiday togetherness can also bring its share of family drama too.

Why not break the tension from that crummy thing your Mother-In-Law said about your green bean casserole with some Turkey Notes!

Wait a sec, what are Turkey Notes?

If you’re asking this logical question, you’re probably not a native of Davenport, IA – home of the infamous (or unfamous) Turkey Notes.

Turkey Notes are silly little rhymes made up for each guest at your Thanksgiving feast. Each note is rolled into a tube, wrapped in colored paper and tied closed with string or ribbon. The Turkey Notes are then placed on the side of each Thanksgiving plate and before the feasting begins, each guest recites their note aloud to uproarious laughter!

Sound fun? It really is.

Watch me take a terrible stab at it:

Turkey Notes don’t have to be great/Turkey Notes don’t have to be clever/Turkey Notes just have to be fun/The worse they are, the better!

Here are a few fun Turkey Notes submitted by readers of the Quad-City Times:

“My turkey’s not done/It’s oh, so rare/It jumped off the table/And pulled up a chair!” or “Turkey pumpkin/Turkey spice/Turkey says/’You’re really nice.'”

For even more readers’ submissions of the Turkey Note tradition, check out the Quad-City Times.

The history of the Turkey Note is unclear; you can read all about its rich tradition and mystery surrounding these spirited holiday poems here.

Your kids are sure to love this Davenport tradition year after year!

Now grab those scraps of paper, jot down a few silly rhymes and get ready to laugh!

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