Fun With Food: No Plates or Silverware Allowed!

When everyone eats like a toddler!

Sometimes the same old, same old can get, well, old.

That’s why you’ve got to switch it up a bit from time to time.

I got a fun idea for dinnertime from a friend of mine. Once a month she hosts a Messy Family Dinner Party. Here’s how it works:

It’s a meal that everyone, kids and adults alike, eats straight off the table. No plates or silverware allowed. It’s a great way to bond with kids and show everyone that there’s always room for fun.

But here’s the catch: finger foods are off limits! This has to be food the family would normally eat with silverware. Spaghetti and meatballs are always a big winner. And dessert too! Ever tried to eat ice cream with your hands?

The kids always get the giggles and you’d be surprised at how much of their dinner they eat on Messy Family Dinner Party night as opposed to a regular dinner night.

For easy clean-up make sure you use a tablecloth that you can ball up and throw away when everybody’s done. And make sure you keep your camera close at hand because there are sure to be a bunch of great photos ops.

A big thanks to Wendy’s for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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