25 Funny Toddler Photos That Will Make You LOL

funny toddler picsOh toddlers, you do the most unexpected, hilarious things and you don’t even know that you’re being funny.

These sweet children have no idea about the amusement that they tend to provide. In the moment, you may want to scream at the top of your lungs while your kid is drawing on his brother’s face with marker, or while breastfeeding a statue (see photos below for further explaination on that), but the good people who take the picture of this happening and then upload it to the internet… I thank you. And so does everyone who will laugh while they’re viewing these photos!

Be prepared to LOL.

Check out 25 Funny Toddler Photos below!

  • Marker Fun! 1 of 25
    Marker Fun!
    Look MOM! I did her make-up, with a marker!
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  • Watering the Garden 2 of 25
    Watering the Garden
    My brother use to always "water the plants."
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  • Pee on Dad 3 of 25
    Pee on Dad
    Hey, sometimes a kid just has to go.
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  • Kiss! 4 of 25
    Pucker up, pork chops!
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  • Serious About Making a Wish 5 of 25
    Serious About Making a Wish
    It looks like she's been practicing!
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  • It Starts Young 6 of 25
    It Starts Young
    It's crazy how those young guys always seem to notice women.
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  • AW YEAH 7 of 25
    This little guy is having way too much fun.
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  • Barf Bomb 8 of 25
    Barf Bomb
    This photo redefines photo bombs! And little one, weddings make me throw up as well.
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  • Birdy! 9 of 25
    Look what mommy taught me while she was driving!
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  • Someone Isn’t Down With Hillary 10 of 25
    Someone Isn't Down With Hillary
    This little girl, she isn't impressed.
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  • CHEESE 11 of 25
    Bow tie and all.
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  • Shots Suck 12 of 25
    Shots Suck
    They lied. It will hurt.
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  • Look Mom We Painted! 13 of 25
    Look Mom We Painted!
    Good mom for taking photos. I wonder what their punishment was....
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  • Maxi-Pads Redefined 14 of 25
    Maxi-Pads Redefined
    Now here is a use for maxi-pads that isn't on the box's instructions!
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  • I’m Stuck! 15 of 25
    I'm Stuck!
    I think your mom meant for you to pee in the pot not go in the pot.
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  • Wedgie Galore 16 of 25
    Wedgie Galore
    It hurts to look at this one.
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  • BOOBS 17 of 25
    Sorry sweetie, ain't no milk in those thangs.
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  • Record Pee Stream 18 of 25
    Record Pee Stream
    Look at what I can do, Mom!
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  • Chair Stuck 19 of 25
    Chair Stuck
    Oh, you mean that my head isn't suppose to go through the hole?
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  • No Underwear Under There! 20 of 25
    No Underwear Under There!
    "How come he doesn't have to wear underwear?"
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  • Upcycling Daddy’s Underwear 21 of 25
    Upcycling Daddy's Underwear
    This looks like a cross between a singlet and a onesie - uncomfortable!
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  • STATIC 22 of 25
    This kid is CHARGED UP!
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  • So Cute I Can Eat It 23 of 25
    So Cute I Can Eat It
    Please don't eat the animals.
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  • Stuck in a Claw Machine 24 of 25
    Stuck in a Claw Machine
    Make sure to check out my post featuring 10 Toddlers Stuck in Claw Machines.
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  • Asleep Standing 25 of 25
    Asleep Standing
    I wish that I could sleep like this!
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