5 “Fiverrs” That Will Help You Parent for $5

5 dollar parenting adviceOh, as I type this – I have a toddler singing as loud as he can while he strums the 2 strings left on his guitar. The location where he is scream-singing, of COURSE is echoville. It’s pure child innocence, but he isn’t always this cute. If I were to say “Izaiah, let’s take a nap.” The next hour would be a big huge temper tantrum. My head would hurt. The other toddler would be upset. Life wouldn’t be good… but this is all just part of parenting, right?

Well guess what folks! For $5 you can get parenting advice, help and even counseling for all of those tantrums, potty training issues or melt downs. It’s all done over the internet people, on a site you may have heard of called Fiverr.

Odd? Yes.
Helpful? Maybe.

I personally will be setting my toddler up or $5 30 minute Skype counseling. If anything, I sure could use a good laugh, but who knows some of these might just be helpful.

Here are 5 “Fiverrs” That Will Help You Parent for $5:

  • Help You Deal With Toddler Tantrums 1 of 5
    Help You Deal With Toddler Tantrums
    Biz and Fit Guru not only does biz and fit, but can help you deal with your toddler tantrums without spanking or screaming. "Let me help you before you end up crazy."
    Learn More at Fiverr
  • Daycare Safety 2 of 5
    Daycare Safety
    Worried about daycare, why not pay $5 to Dr. Wiggin for daycare safety.
    Learn More at Fiverr
  • Potty Training Advice 3 of 5
    Potty Training Advice
    Need help with potty training? $5 will get you Princess Kitten's top 5 tips.
    Learn More at Fiverr
  • Toddler Talk 4 of 5
    Toddler Talk
    Is your toddler not talking yet? Don't worry Funat5rr will create a video with your kid talking - in some creepy voice, none the less. #OhInternet
    Learn More at Fiverr
  • Counseling 5 of 5
    Toddler stressing you out? Fear not! For $5 ReliableRuby will give you a half hour lesson via Skype. I may actually take her up on this, for good humor.
    Learn More at Fiverr

What Parenting Help is Worth $5 to You?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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