Stuffed Love: Readers Share Their Toddlers' Favorite Stuffed Animals

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Someone loves her Little Red

Does your toddler have a special stuffed animal in his or her life? One that he or she cannot leave the house, or go to bed, or eat a meal without? One that he or she has lost at Target, or fell in dog poop, or was dismembered by another child only to frantically send you to Ebay in search of the exact same one so they wouldn’t notice? Have you ever had to rummage through the trash to recover one of these? I hope not, but I know you would if it was necessary.

Last week we put out a call to our readers to send in pictures and stories about their child’s favorite stuffed animals. So, thanks to all of you, here are 10 lovable little stuffed toys that 10 adorable kids cannot live without.

  • Here’s Brown Bear 1 of 11
    Here's Brown Bear
    This is Shnook's favorite bear. He sleeps with him every night and sets a breakfast place for him every morning.
  • Baby 2 of 11
    "Baby gets dressed and redressed at least 5 times a day. She gets put in pajamas for nap time, the sound machine gets turned on and Josie will come read quietly in the living room until she decided it is time for Baby to get up."
    Submitted by reader Jenny L.
  • Mama Kangaroo 3 of 11
    Mama Kangaroo
    "She is *always* by his side, even a few months ago when he had to visit the ER!"
    Submitted by reader Meghan G.
  • Owl 4 of 11
    "We bought OWL at Target. We bought a back-up owl as soon as we discovered dd's affinity for it. I searched high and low for other back ups, but it was a seasonal item. So we only have two. One gets a bath while the other gets loved."
    Submitted by reader Jennifer O.
  • M loves her bunny so… 5 of 11
    M loves her bunny so...
    "Hi, I accidentally hung my bunny under the table, and my parents looked for him for over an hour before giving up...we found him in the morning and I was happy."
    Submitted by reader Danielle A.
  • Baby and Barney 6 of 11
    Baby and Barney
    "Of all the stuffed animals and babies a kid gets, she's always clung to the first ones she ever received- her baby (called Badabada) and her bunny (called Bunny). Barney came along at around a year and a half and became her constant companion for nearly a year, at which time she dropped him like a bad habit (which he was, really)."
    Submitted by Meredith Carroll.
    More by Meredith on Babble.
  • Puppy 7 of 11
    "This is what happens when you try to take away the puppy for a picture!" Puppy remained in the first birthday photos.
    Submitted by reader Melissa
  • Binki Bear 8 of 11
    Binki Bear
    "He loves his Binkibear. It's the only thing he needs go to go sleep!"
    Submitted by reader Becky S.
  • Hey, He’s Got Glasses, Too! 9 of 11
    Hey, He's Got Glasses, Too!
    "This is my character that I sell, but when I started making them I wanted her to have something that had glasses like she does, she was so excited to see a stuffed animal that had glasses! And she helped to stuff it so she was very proud!"
    Submitted by Brittany W.
  • Bear 10 of 11
    This worn little bear was a baby shower gift that stayed in his bassinet since birth. He's six now, and look at him!! Don't try to take away that bear!
    Submitted by reader Renee Y.
  • K-Beu Dad Silly Creature 11 of 11
    K-Beu Dad Silly Creature
    This mom's son loves to help feed him and go to the potty.
    Submitted by reader Flor L.

We’d love to hear all about your kids’ animals, too! Tell us in the comments!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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