Get Ready to Laugh!! Cool Toilets Flushing: A Toddler's Dream Come True! {VIDEO}

unisex urinalDoes your toddler like to watch videos on YouTube? My oldest couldn’t get enough of watching double-decker buses traverse the rainy streets of Manchester when he was eighteen-months-old. As he got older we switched to steam trains and airplanes taking off, and then to boat launches. Clearly, the kid likes vehicles.

Additionally, he’s had an endless fascination with toilets since he could crawl. Interestingly, my younger one appears to have the same draw. Something about the height of it being perfect for standing up, maybe?

And then there’s the flushing. Shnook and I often have this conversation in a public restroom:

“Mommy, do you think it will be a loud flush or a quiet flush?”

“I don’t know, maybe a loud flush?”

(He flushes)

“That was a loud one!”

or alternately:

“Not so bad, that was a quiet one.”

Now, thanks to @Andy_Richter on Twitter, we can obsessively watch toilets flushing on YouTube, too! Yeehaw!! Click after the jump to watch with your toddler (or alone, if that floats your boat)! Don’t worry, there’s nothing in the toilets except water. Maybe I have a bizarre sense of humor, but I found this to be exceptionally funny.



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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