Girls vs. Boys on the Playground

Yesterday afternoon the kids and I packed into the car and headed to a new playground to check it out. It is a little bit closer to our house, and when we got there it was virtually deserted with only one other little boy playing.

A little while later two mothers arrived with four little girls between the two of them. And the battle started to brew.

Not a battle in the sense of a physical fight, but a battle of the sexes amongst roughly half a dozen kids ranging from toddlerhood to kindergartener.

Everything I have taught my boys about playing with girls like they are no different than little boys went right out the window.

Ten minutes into it, the girls were monsters — and they were chasing the boys. I am not sure if they just wanted to play together, or if they were actually really into the game they had made up, although they all seemed to be having fun.

Then it dawned on me. It is beginning.

The whole boys vs. girls thing. First it’s on the playground, and in a couple weeks, I am sure it will spread into school. Even as far as on the school bus.

I am completely dreading it as a whole; I thought it didn’t start until they are older. At least when I was a kid, I didn’t remember it starting until I was at least a couple grades into elementary school. Of course this was a really long time ago, so my memory may not be the best?

What is next? Cooties? Boys rule and girls drool?  I am not sure I am going to be able to handle all that! I can only hope that all of my feminist view points and the respect I have desperately tried to instill in my sons will shine through during these years. But after the playground yesterday, I think I am losing hope already.

How have you handled the gender gap on the playground?


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