Give a Kid a Cardboard Box

Suri Cruise has a $100,000 playhouse. My kid has a cardboard box.  

You think Suri ever took a cardboard box and transformed it into a magical playhouse? Probably not, and with a mini chateau she doesn’t have to. What a shame to think the simple childhood joy of a giant cardboard box may never be hers.

When our dishwasher went to appliance heaven we shelled out for a new one. Mama got clean dishes and my boys had themselves a creative afternoon. Give a toddler a box, scraps of material, markers, glue and some stickers and he’ll prove one man’s trash is a another little man’s playhouse. Cut out a few windows and voila, hours of fun and entertainment! 

  • You see a box… 1 of 3
    You see a box...
  • We see a playhouse! 2 of 3
    We see a playhouse!
  • Busy making it our own 3 of 3
    Busy making it our own

Now their clubhouse was really small and didn’t have Suri’s security cameras or a staff of nannies but none of that mattered. That cardboard box covered in a rainbow of scribble scrabbles was all theirs. It served as a fort, a hideaway, a home for action figures and stuffed animals, and a place for BooBoo when he was mad.

In time that ramshackle clubhouse took a beating from plenty of abuse and it was a sad day when it came time to recycle their little piece of real estate. I may have been able to huff and puff and blow my kids’ house down while Suri’s is still standing but it’s not about that at all. It’s about the fun and imagination of a simple cardboard box covered in a rainbow of scribble scrabbles.  

What simple materials provide fun and entertainment for your kids?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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