Give Thanks For Toddler Love

Dad and Toddler on subwayI may have an awful lot to say about the nasty things toddlers do, but that doesn’t change the fact that I love my little dudes to the moon and back.

As much pain and suffering that they cause me, they also give me bundles of hugs, kisses, and giggles. That balances things out a bit.

They’re sleeping now, the little angels, so I can think about how sweet they are and how much I’ll miss them until I crawl into bed with one or both of them in a couple of hours (don’t ask, our bed situation is complicated).

In the meantime, on the eve of Thanksgiving, here are some of the sweetest pictures of  “toddler love” that I could find on Flickr. Happy Thanksgiving Toddler Times Readers!

  • Dad and Cowboy 1 of 10
    Dad and Cowboy
  • The tongue gets me on this one. 2 of 10
    The tongue gets me on this one.
  • So sweet. 3 of 10
    So sweet.
  • What faces! 4 of 10
    What faces!
  • This is so beautiful it makes my heart sing. 5 of 10
    This is so beautiful it makes my heart sing.
  • Someone loves her Daddy. 6 of 10
    Someone loves her Daddy.
  • Wet kiss! 7 of 10
    Wet kiss!
  • This IS what love looks like. 8 of 10
    This IS what love looks like.
  • Daddy and his little boy. 9 of 10
    Daddy and his little boy.
  • Extended family love 10 of 10
    Extended family love

Photo Credits
Untitled, Boy and Father: Flickr/Emery Co Photo
Love In Its Simplest Form: Flickr/Jessica Garro
Megan With Father Flickr/buildscharacter
Xuenxuen and her Dad: Flickr/juinn kang too
My Little Cowboy: Flickr/Preston Smalley
This Is What Love Looks Like: Flickr/Lauren Hammond
Perfect Love: Flickr/makelessnoise
Smooch: Flickr/Monkey Mash Button
Lucas With Teta Nabila: Flickr/Sherif Salama
I Love My Father… Flickr/pipitdapo

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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