Good Moms Keep Diet Bars Away From Their Toddlers

diet bar and toddlers don't mixOkay, before you totally jump to conclusions, no I am not putting my kid on a diet – nor am I being judgey to those who do. What I AM saying is that I highly recommend that if you have diet bars in the house, that you keep them high in the pantry – FAR away from children.

I made a #MOMFAIL by not thinking and keeping some Special K protein bars in clear toddler sight in the pantry. The box was nearly full as we don’t eat them anymore. Apparently my little rats who I have been making an effort to try to feed better were in the mood for chocolate. I found 4 bar wrappers in various places in a few rooms of our house. Then I found this.

chocolate covered face

Yes, one guilty rat. From the older kids calculations, Izaiah our 2 year old ate approximately 3 bars and Zeke (shown above), ate 1 bar. This was yesterday. After 4 dirty diaper changes EACH today, this word of warning to moms who eat diet bars – KEEP AWAY FROM TODDLERS.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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