Ha! When Daddies Need to Lose the Baby Weight, Too (VIDEO)

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You can’t blame the kid for trying

I stopped breastfeeding my toddler Peony last month when she was 15 months old. Up until then I wouldn’t say I was exactly making excuses for not losing all the baby weight, but somewhere deep in the crevices of my mind,  it certainly helped me avoid exercise and eating less because of the nonsensical justification that I was still nursing — even though at the very end she was only taking my milk once a day.

Losing baby weight can be fraught with all kinds of emotions. You know why you should do it and that you reallyhave to do it, and yet when you’re dealing with a baby or toddler (and in many cases, an older child — or more than one, too) it often feels like Mission: Impossible.

What can seem even more unfair is when you look at your husband, who maybe had a dream one night that he dropped a pound or two and then — voila! — he wakes up the next day, like, 10 pounds lighter.

So. Unfair.

Which is why I especially appreciate this commercial from a gym in Oklahoma City that fully recognizes that sometimes daddies need to lose some baby weight, too. Hee, hee.

Take a look:

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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