Hair Cuts For Toddlers, By Huck Holbrook

Hi! It’s me again, Huck, and I have some bad news: Sometimes you have to have your hair cut. Especially when you’re a big boy and it’s time to go back to school soon and your mom says you have to look nice, but even when you’re just a small toddler like me! It’s a real pain. I know. Luckily my Mom has a system down and I thought I’d share how she does it, with pictures lovingly (and blurrily) taken by my old man. That’s why they’re so dark. You know, Dads.

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    First what you do is grab some scissors. Sharp ones! Mom uses her sewing scissors, cause it's all she's got. Whatever, right? She starts in the back, grabbing sections of hair between her fingers, and then making it stick straight up, like they do at the hair salon. Then she cuts straight across! When she picks up more hair she also picks up the hairs she just cut so she can cut to the same length. She told me she never cuts off more than a quarter inch at a time.
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    The only hard part is getting the fade just right, since Mom likes the top of my hair just a little longer. Sometimes she gets it just right, other times... yeah, but toddlers are supposed to look a little mangy, right? After she finishes the back, she works around to the sides, always making sure everything blends. She cuts all one length up until she's cut to the top of my temples, and then she fades it again so it gets longer at the top. It's not very scientific. Also my job is to move around as much as possible so that when she's done she feels real proud of herself for cutting sort of straight on a super wiggly head. I do what I can!
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    Very last comes the top. The top is the most important part, so Mom always cuts real slow and makes sure not to take too much off. ESPECIALLY at my bangs. During this part I really do gotta sit still. Sometimes Mom will hand me a little piece of candy if I'm not able to sit totally still on my own. I'm not even two yet! I'll get there.
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    And that's it! This is my second ever big boy hair cut. For my first hair cut, Mom kept a little Ziploc bag handy to catch my hairs in so she could keep them in my baby book. Her Mom used an envelope to keep a lock of her baby hair, but my Mom told me that a Ziploc bag was way better, and easier. You can see my rad baby hairs without having to ever take it out! Pretty smart of my Mom, huh!

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