Hair’s the Thing…

Behold my hair, average humans.

For any of you who may be unfamiliar with my children, they both have really ridiculously good looking hair. Addie is seven and has had perfect blonde ringlets since her hair was long enough to form one. Sadly, these days she is in charge of her own hair meaning it’s oftentimes pulled up into seven different ponytails or slicked back with a thousand barrettes. I’ll have my say on picture day but that’s about the only time I get a say about her hair anymore.

Vivi came out with plenty of hair for someone who just spent the last nine months in a uterus and it’s by her hair alone I can tell how old she was in a particular photo. Sticking straight up? Four months. Bows? Six months. In her eyes? Eight months on. Sometimes I’ll see an older photo of her and wonder why I ever let her have such an awful haircut and then I have to remember that at one time she didn’t have piles and piles of luscious wavy strawberry blonde hair.

To realize just how far Vivi’s hair has come in the short 16 months since she’s been around, we have to start at the beginning.

  • Addie – 20 Months 1 of 25
    Addie - 20 Months
    Vivi is currently 16 months, this was Addie's hair around the same age, clearly there's a texture difference.
  • Addie – 7 Years 2 of 25
    Addie - 7 Years
    Seven years and more than a dozen haircuts later, it's still just as curly, and amazingly thick.
  • Vivi – One Day Old 3 of 25
    Vivi - One Day Old
    Vivi came out with enough hair to clip a bow to and produce a little flourish up top. It was as curly as newborn Addie's, but much darker.
  • One Week 4 of 25
    One Week
    Whoa baby! What's with the dark hair? We were convinced she was going to be brunette.
  • Six Weeks 5 of 25
    Six Weeks
    It kept getting longer and fluffier, all while keeping the darker color.
  • Three Months 6 of 25
    Three Months
    Wait! No. A blonde. But there was no real evidence of ringlets, just a lot of fluffy blonde hair.
  • Four Months – In Need of a Bath 7 of 25
    Four Months - In Need of a Bath
    Her hair was so wonderful we were always touching it and running our hands through it, it was obvious she needed a bath when her hair would lay down because freshly washed...
  • Four Months – Freshly Washed 8 of 25
    Four Months - Freshly Washed
    ...this is what her hair looked like freshly washed. It defied gravity for a few weeks of her life.
  • Six Months 9 of 25
    Six Months
    It got long enough to lay down on its own around six months, gone were the fauxhawks and super fluffy baby hair.
  • Six Months Freshly Bathed 10 of 25
    Six Months Freshly Bathed
    Well, unless she had just had a bath, then her wet hair could prove fairly epic.
  • Aww, Bows. 11 of 25
    Aww, Bows.
    There was a time she'd leave bows in her hair. I pretty much bought every bow, flower and headband for sale on etsy.
    That didn't last long.
  • Eight Months LiceGate 12 of 25
    Eight Months LiceGate
    Addie got lice in January of last year and Vivi and I spent a week with a homemade concoction of rosemary spray in our dirty hair to keep them away from us. This is Vivi's "NO LICE!" hair.
  • Conditioner Added at 9 Months 13 of 25
    Conditioner Added at 9 Months
    Around 9 months I had to find a good baby conditioner, the dry winter air mixed with her fine and long baby hair had some serious static problems.
  • Static Became a Problem 14 of 25
    Static Became a Problem
    Like this, just stare at it. It gets funnier the longer you do.
  • Spouts Introduced at 9 Months 15 of 25
    Spouts Introduced at 9 Months
    I refused to get her hair cut just yet, so spouts became the normal fashion for Vivi during the day.
  • Nine Months 16 of 25
    Nine Months
    Suddenly her hair became a lot thicker and fuller, it wasn't so wispy baby fine anymore. Fine. I'll get her a haircut.
  • First Haircut at a Year 17 of 25
    First Haircut at a Year
    I didn't know what to tell the woman, I didn't want Vivi to have to commit to a life of bangs at the tender age of one so I just said "Clean it up a bit?"
  • Excellent Growth 18 of 25
    Excellent Growth
    Sure enough, this is how her first haircut began to grow out. I wish my haircuts would grow out like this.
  • Voluminous Volume 19 of 25
    Voluminous Volume
    15 months and she's due for another haircut, it's just so wonderful! So much a part of her personality! Besides, getting her to sit still for a stylist? Forget about it.
  • First Piglets 20 of 25
    First Piglets
    The spout split into two and moved down her head into two very cute pigtails. I never did them again because they make her look to big and grownup. That's just not acceptable.
  • First Braid 21 of 25
    First Braid
    I get tired of the spout but I also get very tired of hair in her face, clips? Pfft, yeah right, she has those out in a flash. So I started braiding it, and it totally works.
  • First FRENCH Braid 22 of 25
    First FRENCH Braid
    I figured, hey! Why not braid the whole thing! So I did. Again, she looked to big so I took it out. STAY LITTLE BABY!
  • Vivi’s Very Excellent Hair 23 of 25
    Vivi's Very Excellent Hair
    It has highlights for days, perfect volume, the perfect amount of curl and one day she is going to HATE IT.
  • Sweaty Hair 24 of 25
    Sweaty Hair
    The only time her hair truly stays out of her face without a spout or braid? When she's nice and sweaty from playing. Then you get this look.
  • Good Morning Bedhead 25 of 25
    Good Morning Bedhead
    Vivi has the best bedhead in the world. Best as in people pay a lot of money for their hair to look like this in the middle of the day, but she just wakes up with it.

Most of Vivi’s new toddler friends are bald, she tries not to hold it over their heads.

(The baby shampoo and conditioner I am forever loyal to? Dolphin Organics. SUCH GOOD STUFF AND IT WORKS. Try the citrus, trust me.)


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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