Halloween Gone Wild: 25 Sexy Costumes for Women Ickily Based on Beloved Kids’ Characters

Sexy Minnie Mouse
Minnie called. She wants her innocence — and dignity — back.

It’s official: There is nothing sacred anymore.

If you thought beloved children’s characters like Winnie the Pooh, Big Bird and Rainbow Brite were safe from the sexy Halloween trend, you were sorely mistaken.

Manufacturers have gone wild this year creating costumes for grown women based on beloved children’s characters. But instead of staying faithful to their innocence, the characters have turned to a dark, porn-like side.

Here are 25 of the worst offenders:

  • Sexy Belle 1 of 25
    Where's that Beast to roar in protest of this costume when you need him?
  • Sexy Minnie Mouse 2 of 25
    Minnie called. She'd like her innocence — and her dignity — back.
  • Sexy Cookie Girl 3 of 25
    Sooo . . . this implies there exists a fantasy about Girl Scouts?
  • Sexy Oscar the Grouch 4 of 25
    Yep, nothing but trash here.
  • Sexy Goldilocks 5 of 25
    No one will dispute the fact that she's slept in at least three different beds.
  • Sexy Peter Pan 6 of 25
    Looks like she's about to lose more than her shadow.
  • Sexy Winnie the Pooh 7 of 25
    Bring on the honey.
  • Sexy Dorothy 8 of 25
    We're not in Kansas anymore.
    Or in a land where people generally agree we should all be fully clothed.
  • Sexy Big Bird 9 of 25
    Eat your heart out, Mitt.
  • Sexy Little Red Riding Hood 10 of 25
    My, what big . . . eyes you have.
    Yeah, eyes.
  • Sexy Ernie and Bert 11 of 25
    Because why should two men have all the fun?
  • Sexy Ariel 12 of 25
    Under the sea. Under the sheets.
    Whatever you want to call it.
  • Sexy Strawberry Shortcake 13 of 25
    So much whipped cream, so little time.
  • Sexy Purple Unicorn 14 of 25
  • Sexy Rainbow Brite 15 of 25
    At least something in this picture is bright.
  • Sexy Skeleton Tutu 16 of 25
    Ah, a tutu. You know, that thing little girls everywhere love to wear with every last drop of innocence in their sweet little hearts.
  • Sexy Alice 17 of 25
    Somebody fell down the rabbit hole, alright.
  • Sexy Cupcake 18 of 25
    Cream filling not included.
  • Sexy Snow White 19 of 25
    Oh, just give me the apple and let's get it over with.
  • Sexy Ladybug 20 of 25
    Admit it: This just ruined ladybugs for you, didn't it?
  • Sexy Monster 21 of 25
    Yup, she's a beast.
  • Sexy Dorothy 22 of 25
    Click your heels all you want, but you'll never unsee this image.
  • Sexy Honey Bee 23 of 25
    What there is of the costume, that is.
  • Sexy Unicorn 24 of 25
    A grown woman doesn't look at all creepy when photographed with a rainbow.
    Not at all.
  • Sexy Tigger 25 of 25
    Roar. But not in a good way.

Photo credits: Yandy.com

Source: BuzzFeed


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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