Handmade Heirlooms: 24 Incredible Toddler Easter Dresses

My love for Easter outfits runs deep. As far back as I can remember, no matter what else was going on in our crazy lives, my mom made Easter very special. A big part of that was the time that she took to either sew my sisters and I a gorgeous dress each, or to purchase of a totally impractical and totally gorgeous outfit.

We always knew it was coming, because it was a tradition that she started. Sure the chocolate and candy was awesome, but what I remember the most fondly were the outfits that my sisters and I would find splayed out somewhere in the living room come Easter morning.

Come to think of it, my mom has quite a collection of pictures in all of our Easter outfits. I need to scan those. Those represent some of the best memories of my childhood.

So. Does one need to dress their daughters in frilly, pastel hued frocks for Easter in order to be deemed that they are ‘doing it right?’

Of course not. I also don’t see anything wrong with the making of, or the purchase of, beautiful dresses for little girls for special occasions. No matter how impractical. If they produce memories such as what I have, how impractical is that after all? I don’t know about you, but I’ve started to keep choice outfits that my little people have grown out of that I just can’t bear to part with.

They represent beautiful memories to me. I recently discovered this awesome idea of making a memory quilt out of your kids old special clothes. So doing that one day.

Of course I covet other memories from my childhood as well – that don’t have anything to do with pretty dresses. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Today I’m talkin’ all the PRETTY DRESSES. K?

Behold the most luxurious, delightful and totally indulgent array of handmade Easter dresses one ever did set gleaming eyes upon!

  • Gorgeous Easter & Spring Frocks 1 of 25
    Gorgeous Easter & Spring Frocks
    A swoon-worthy collection of dresses you'll cherish long after they've outgrown them...
  • Limited Edition Girls Grey and Yellow Peter Pan Collar Party Dress 2 of 25
    Limited Edition Girls Grey and Yellow Peter Pan Collar Party Dress
    Yes, you can order in in big-girl sizes. Simply gorgeous.
    Get it via Lilli Pop Designs, $76
  • Spring Has Sprung (Somewhere?) 3 of 25
    Spring Has Sprung (Somewhere?)
    If you, like me - are still knee deep in snow on this first day of Spring, then this dress may be just what you and your little girl need to see you through.
    Get it via April Scott, $36
  • The 4 of 25
    Herringbone + sweet lace overlay = perfection.
    Get it via Bitty Bambu, $49
  • The 5 of 25
    Made from 100% GOTS certified organic fabric this dress will last through quite a few grown spurts going from dress to tunic with a pair of jeans or leggings.
    Get it via Sewn Natural, $78
  • The Melanie Flower Girl Lace Dress 6 of 25
    The Melanie Flower Girl Lace Dress
    A simple design, made so gorgeous by the fabric.
    Get it via Kailyn Zoe & Co., $74.95
  • Best Easter Bunny Ever 7 of 25
    Best Easter Bunny Ever I love this dress - the entire shop in fact. I've been coveting a couple of the shop-makers designs (okay ALL) for well over a year now and I finally ordered one for Abby for this Easter.
    Get it via Wild Things Dresses, $60
  • A Toddler’s Fairy Dress 8 of 25
    A Toddler's Fairy Dress
    Of which every single girl on the planet should have in some variation. I mean, right?
    Get it via My Fair Maiden, $68
  • Linen Dress 9 of 25
    Linen Dress
    Linen and lace - so absolutely breathtaking.
    Get it via Left Hand Craft Club, $39.99
  • Vintage Style 10 of 25
    Vintage Style
    This retro style, floral eyelet dress is the bees knees. The end.
    Get it via Woven Shop, $35
  • The Wren Dress 11 of 25
    The Wren Dress
    I know. This is getting ridiculous. It's no small wonder that the Handmade market is huge.
    Get it via Sewn Natural, $78
  • Bubble Dress 12 of 25
    Bubble Dress
    All hail the toddler girl's bubble dress.
    Get it via The Naptime Project, $40
  • Paper Dolls 13 of 25
    Paper Dolls
    This would do well with a long sleeved tee underneath for the chillier days of Spring, lasting well into the summer all on it's own. The addition of leggings or pants will see your little one in this through a few growth spurts too.
    Get it via Chasing Mini, $42
  • Big Bow Dress 14 of 25
    Big Bow Dress
    Huge bows + lavender chevy = Easter dress perfection.
    Get it via The Naptime Project, $47
  • Ruffle Swing Dress 15 of 25
    Ruffle Swing Dress
    Choose from either cream, white, buttercup yellow or petal pink. Oh, and TWIRL.
    Get it via Plain Jane Store, $26
  • Easter Lamb 16 of 25
    Easter Lamb
    Absolutely precious!
    Get it via Wild Things Dresses, $60
  • Peasant Dress 17 of 25
    Peasant Dress
    The shabby chic look is adorable here!
    Get it via Sweet Chics Couture, $96
  • The Mabel Dress 18 of 25
    The Mabel Dress
    All organic, all mod, ALL AWESOME.
    Get it via Sewn Natural, $68
  • Mint and Coral Vintage Party Dress 19 of 25
    Mint and Coral Vintage Party Dress
    Two of the hottest colours this Spring, combined!
    Get it via Lottiie Da Baby
  • Retro Jewel Neckline Dress 20 of 25
    Retro Jewel Neckline Dress
    Get it via Faith Works For You, $42
  • Alice Dress 21 of 25
    Alice Dress
    Oh, how I adore this Alice in Wonderland inspired dress. Yes, it comes with the apron and yes - it's all totally necessary.
    Get it via Pecan Sandies, $72
  • Made From Vintage 22 of 25
    Made From Vintage
    This cute dress can also be layered with a shirt, tights or leggings. This easy-fitting style will grow with the child and can be worn as a cute, swingy top next summer!
    Get it via April Scott, $36
  • Strawberry Twirl Dress 23 of 25
    Strawberry Twirl Dress
    This smocked tiered toddler dress was handmade with a Strawberry Tea Party print and coordinating red and green fabrics. It is super full and twirly.
    Get it via Pecan Sandies, $42
  • Little Duckling 24 of 25
    Little Duckling
    It was very hard not to feature every single dress from this talented shop dress maker. (She aslo makes the sweetest play-house teepees and boy's coveralls!)
    Get it via Wild Things Dresses, $60
  • Free Spirit 25 of 25
    Free Spirit
    This is a great addition to any little girl's wardrobe. Starting off as a dress for the littlest ones. As they grow it makes an adorable top paired with skirts, jeans...etc.
    Get it via Bitty Bambu, $46

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