Handmade Holidays: Coordinating Outfits for Toddler Siblings

I’m a sucker for coordinated sibling outfits. Especially on toddlers. On older kids, for some reason — meh. Not so much. Perhaps it has something to do with all that pudge, all of those little appendages that still curl up into your arms for magical kisses and bedtime lullabies.

The fleeting years of toddlerhood, (I can say that, now that my boy is officially a kid!) wherein you can get away with dressing up your children in matching holiday ensembles is of the magical stuff that memories are made of. To me anyways.

If you like me and have no shame in doing the matching outfit thing with your toddler siblings, then rejoice! I’ve found some fabulous handmade options here just in time for the holidays …

  • For Those Who Embrace The Cute 1 of 18

    Retro flair, kitschy cuteness and modern classics, there's sure to be something to suit everyone's tastes in fashion here. Click through to see them all!

  • Mad For Plaid 2 of 18

    That hat! Plaid seems to be all the rage this holiday season, and we can clearly see why. SO DANG ADORABLE.


    Find this set via Whatsewever Designs, $120

  • Vintage Flair 3 of 18

    Polka dots, satin and velvet for her, tweed for him. Good gravy. How can you even resist?! I sure can't.


    Find the set via Whatsewever Designs, $75 (boy outfit price only)

  • Classic Linen 4 of 18

    Nothing contrived here, just straight up classy adorableness. I can totally see Abby and Wyndham in this, heavy want here. Love this warm, natural, classic look!


    Find the set via Whatsewever Designs, $99.00

  • Best Dress Coats Ever! 5 of 18

    Admittedly I have a thing for putting clothes with ears on all small people. Because look! You can only get away with this for a few years, so get on the ear trend while the going's good!


    Panda Coat, $27.99, Baby Girl Dress
    Rabbit Coat, $30.99, Baby Girl Dress

  • The Whole Family 6 of 18

    Wyndham and Abby are always bugging me to wear matching outfits, (all lies), so now I can finally make their wishes come true! You, too, can make you toddler dreams come true, and pick and choose from coordinating accessories and dresses for the whole family in this shop!


    Take a look around, via Red Pyjamas

  • Rudolph FTW 7 of 18

    A simple jewel-hued jumper made magical with a darling Rudolph decal. Simple and fun. If you have little toddler girl twins or siblings close in age — DO EET.


    Find them via Loopsy Baby, $26 ea.

  • Red Satin 8 of 18

    While I love bow-ties, suspender and ties for dress-up on little boys, in reality, getting them all suited up is another story! Same goes for the girls, I find that Abby prefers comfy fabric headbands over anything ornate done with her hair. I love how this matching ensemble has all of the accessories 'built in!' Easy, special occasion party wear for toddlers represent!


    Find this set via Snuggle Bug Baby Boutique, $60

  • Rudolph Appliques 9 of 18

    Simple, casual and adorable holiday shirts. This is something that toddlers can lay around in. They are totally comfortable yet still represent the holidays in an adorable way!


    Find them via Sweet Threads Clothing $49.95

  • Boutique Sibling Set 10 of 18

    Another set with the accessories sewn right on the clothes! This would be called winning. Mix and match your own colors and fabrics with a custom order, or go with what you see above!


    Find this set via Snuggle Bug Baby Boutique, $74

  • More Classic Plaid 11 of 18

    This is a simple basic onsie and tee dressed up with plaid. Your toddlers won't be tearing at these to take them off in the least. Casually dressy and totally cute, they're the perfect holiday wear.


    Find this set via Snuggle Bug Baby Boutique, $56

  • Because You Can 12 of 18

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. They're only of an age for so long wherein you can dress them up as animals, so get on that! Abby and Wyndham have a few outfits from this shop, and the detail and durability is amazing! I always order a size up so that the outfits last a couple of years.


    Rudolph Dress, $70.66 Wild Things Dresses
    Brown Bear Dungarees, $70.66 Wild Things Dresses

  • 2-Piece Package Deal! 13 of 18

    These outfits would suit both a warm and cold climates over the holidays. Just layer up if need be! I like how these pieces are versatile enough to get a few different looks, depending on how they are accessorized. I'm all about creating multiple looks from one outfit, especially during the holidays when there are so many functions and events to attend as a family. Great price, great look!


    Find the set via Laken and Lila, $62.50

  • Festive Stewart Plaid Brother-Sister Outfits 14 of 18

    Every last detail going on in these matching set has stolen my heart, even though I thought I wasn't a fan of overly matching ensembles! I mean, this is just too cute not to like. For those who love the uber matchy-matchy thing, enjoy!


    Find this set via Wooden Soldier (prices vary)

  • Winter Green 15 of 18

    Luxe choices for little here my friends. They're seriously classic with vintage flair! You can't go wrong with velvet, satin and tulle. Those little dungarees slay me!


    Find the set via Wooden Soldier, (varying prices)

  • Holiday Lattice 16 of 18

    Who has two little girls? Or a little sister and big sister? Do these dresses come in adult sizes? Is it wrong that I immediately envisioned my daughter and I in this matching set? You did too, don't lie! Absolutely divine.


    Find the set via Wooden Solider, (prices vary)

  • Dressy Organic Knit Wear 17 of 18

    So many choices, so little time. Crimson is THE choice for holiday wear, I'm pretty sure. These outfits bring it home. I love how dressy knitwear can be!


    You can find all of these outfits via Boske Kids (varying prices)

  • Casual Organic, Dressy Knitwear 18 of 18

    This look is casual, yet still completely put together for pictures under the tree, a day  at the tree farm or a casual and comfy Christmas day at home! I like how so many of these outfits have mix and match capabilities.


    Find all coordinating pieces via Boske Kids, (varying prices)


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