Handmade Holidays: DIY Toddler Gift Guide

There were 18 sleeps before Christmas, where no one was safe…

The tables were strewn with crochet and lace, the sewing machines jammed up with felt and bias tape.

Holiday-sized bottles of irish cream lay strewn about, while half-crazed mamas crafted projects and made toys well past midnight many a night…

All to be met with the joy of their little ones’ sweet cherub light,

And there sighed a consecutive sigh of relief; the platinum and plastic,

While the love that was used to make all those handmade gifts, shone brighter and higher than any high powered wrapped antics.

  • Superhero Role Play 1 of 25
    Superhero Role Play
    What little boy or girl wouldn't love to find a package of superhero masks and capes under the tree?
    Get the free tutorial via Vanilla Joy
  • Hand Sewn Felt Doll 2 of 25
    Hand Sewn Felt Doll
    I adore the tiny detailed perfection on these heirloom worthy dolls. Your little one will too.
    Get the free pattern and instructions via Purl Bee
  • Ikea Hacked: Lack Lego Table 3 of 25
    Ikea Hacked: Lack Lego Table
    This. Yes. So much yes to this. I love all things Ikea Hacked.
    Get the tutorial via Ikea Hackers
  • Make Believe 4 of 25
    Make Believe
    Lots of fun to be had for little boys and girls here with this easy project. Imaginative play is where it's at.
    Get the instructions via Hart & Sew
  • Chalkboard City Blocks 5 of 25
    Chalkboard City Blocks
    Another quick, simple gift idea that you can make in no time, with guaranteed squeal-inducing results.
    Get the tutorial via Hello Bee
  • Best. Kitchen. Ever. 6 of 25
    Best. Kitchen. Ever.
    Every child should have a play kitchen, it's in the official rule book. Now, I'm not saying you have to make one, but this here IS pretty dang awesome. I dig its gender neutral appeal, perfect for little siblings to share. Because, you know, they do that SO WELL.
    Get the instructions via Fresh Cut Flours
  • Mix & Match Felt-Play Birthday Cake 7 of 25
    Mix & Match Felt-Play Birthday Cake
    So much fun. The perfect accessory to go with that red kitchen. Make sure to click the link below to see all of the different (amazing) decor and topping pieces you can make. Heavy like on this one.
    Get the tutorial via iKat Bag
  • Placemat Aprons 8 of 25
    Placemat Aprons
    Simple and fun, you can use any fabrics you like for a boy or girl.
    Get the tutorial via Dana Made It
  • Fold Away Fabric Doll-House 9 of 25
    Fold Away Fabric Doll-House
    A great travel toy, this folding fabric doll-house features amazing details for hours of fun.
    Get the pattern via Pink Door Fabrics
  • Riding Horses 10 of 25
    Riding Horses
    A wonderful rendition of the classic, old-school riding horse.
    Get the tutorial via Light Blue Grey
  • Doll Mei-Tei Carrier 11 of 25
    Doll Mei-Tei Carrier
    I know. The cuteness is ridiculous. For those who have little girls (or boys) who adore their dolls, they will have a lot of role-playing fun with one of these!
    Get the tutorial via Documenting Delight
  • Play Tent 12 of 25
    Play Tent
    Choose any type and colour of fabric you want and have at it. This is an easy project....and trust me -- toddlers LOVE anything to do with forts. Give them a permanent one? You will win all the prizes.
    Get the tutorial via Living With Punks
  • Dreamy Dollhouse 13 of 25
    Dreamy Dollhouse
    Uhm, have you discovered Ana White yet? My friends, this woman is my DIY HERO. The dollhouse? Surprisingly easy to make. Seriously.
    Get the free pattern download and detailed instructions via Ana White
  • Owl Rocks 14 of 25
    Owl Rocks
    I may be slightly biased when it comes to these beauties, but they ARE pretty neat looking. I bet a any toddler would love to play with them. Add a little muslin sack and you have a great travel toy too. (Even better if they accompany what's in the next slide).
    As spotted on Belle Isle Art
  • Painted Alphabet Rocks 15 of 25
    Painted Alphabet Rocks
    If you know toddlers, then you know they are OBSESSED with the alphabet. As they should be.
    As seen on Bargain Hoot
  • Quiet Book 16 of 25
    Quiet Book
    There are so many awesome pages in this neat felt book!
    Get the tutorial via Serving Pink Lemonade
  • Twirly Skirt (With Faerie Wings!!!) 17 of 25
    Twirly Skirt (With Faerie Wings!!!)
    I know, right?! It's almost too amazing to bear and no, you probably shouldn't make one in your size. I mean, wait - yes, YES you should.
    Get the tutorial via iKat Bag
  • Travel Pillows 18 of 25
    Travel Pillows
    These are the perfect height and plush width for making car ride naps all that more comfy. Kids love personalized stuff, geared towards them.
    Get the pattern via Tiny Concept
  • Pillow Mattress 19 of 25
    Pillow Mattress
    Amazing idea and simple tutorial. Perfect for movie-night (or afternoon), sleep-overs and story-time.
    Get the instructions via No Rest for the Creative
  • Minnie Mobile! 20 of 25
    Minnie Mobile!
    This is repurposing at its cutest!
    Find the instructions over on The Hunted Interior
  • Matchbox Car Race Track 21 of 25
    Matchbox Car Race Track
    Any toddler boy would lose his toddler mind over this wooden track!
    Get the instructions via Pretty Handy Girl
  • Cozy Car Caddy 22 of 25
    Cozy Car Caddy
    If you have toddler boys - then your home, car, purse and everywhere else is littered with matchbox cars. Help keep them organized with this cute felt caddy that doubles as a take-away carrier.
    Get the tutorial via Homemade by Jill
  • Dollhouse Farm Bed 23 of 25
    Dollhouse Farm Bed
    Gah. This is SO darling. Heavy want...which means that yes, I live vicariously through my kids. But only sometimes.
    Get the detailed instructions and free downloadable template via Ana White
  • Crocheted Hair Bows 24 of 25
    Crocheted Hair Bows
    A cute little stocking stuffer idea that you can whip up in no time!
    Get the instructions via Happy Together Creates
  • Toddler Ties 25 of 25
    Toddler Ties
    A cute stocking stuffer idea for your little man (or men)!
    Get the easy instructions via Vanilla Joy

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