Happy Halloween from the World’s Best Father

My friend Dave Engledow of Engledow Art Photography (otherwise known as the World’s Greatest Dad) is a fellow lover of Halloween. No cutesy business for him! It’s nothing but a true appreciation for the occult and macabre.

You may remember Dave’s work from the past, including his 2012 calendar, and how it all began with his kickstarter campaign. He and his favorite subject, daughter Alice Bee, have come a long way since then and the book that was in the works last year is finally available for pre-order with your favorite online retailer.

The book is titled, “Confessions of the World’s Best Father” published by Gotham Books (an imprint of Penguin Random House). The official release date is May 6 2014!

Until then, feast your eyes and have a spooktacularly Happy Halloween…

  • All’s Well in the World … 1 of 8

    ... when Halloween is taken seriously ... with lots of dark humor that is. (As it should be!)

  • "The Walking Dad" 2 of 8

    "Episode 403: Alice Bee discovers that the best way to alter the Walking Dad's zombified state is to make sure that there's plenty of coffee ready each morning." — Dave  
    Makeup by Dana Milyak Marron


    While I rather like that adorable Alice Bee is the heroine here, we all know the truth. Toddler's WILL drain/eat your brain.

  • "Bats!" 3 of 8

    "When that mysterious shopkeeper sold me Alice Bee's bat costume for Halloween, I should have totally listened to his warning to never, ever let her wear it after midnight.'" — Dave

    Poor parents! Is there anything we can do to help them?

  • "Pumpkin Head" 4 of 8

    "Alice Bee is getting really excited about Halloween." — Dave

    To all of this I say, BRILLIANT.

  • On Halloween Candy 5 of 8

    I want to trick or treat in their neighborhood!

  • Chucky’s Back 6 of 8

    Macabre brilliance, right here folks.

  • Pumpkin Carving 101 7 of 8

    How NOT to carve a pumpkin this year.

  • "Breaking Dad" 8 of 8

    "After much trial and error, my new rock candy recipe yields a product that is 99.1 percent pure, perfect for Alice Bee's thriving playground business." — Dave


    The best Halloween treats are always homemade.

All images used with permission via Dave Engledow Art Photography


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