Happy New Year From The Elwood Family

Happy New Year!

With New Years Eve being tomorrow night… a lot of us here on Babble are rounding up pictures of our adorable kids from 2011, and of course I am jumping right on the bandwagon.

2011 has been a rough year for our family, especially me considering I lost my 40 year old sister suddenly in October. It seems like I could find nothing positive about the year with the exception of my daughter joining us in April.

But looking back over the year and seeing the adorable pictures of my three healthy, wonderful, and bright children… I have a new found appreciation for the year, even if it brought me the biggest heartbreak of my life.

Just looking at home much my two sons have grown in a year makes me feel like an old lady! Man! Kids make you feel old!

From the first time they met their baby sister… to the first day of school for my oldest boy, it certainly has been a roller coaster of emotion and accomplishments for the kids.

So from our family, to yours… Happy New Year!
May 2012 be everything you hope it will be, and then some!

  • My Camden 1 of 22
    My Camden
    My oldest this spring...
  • The Boys before the girl 2 of 22
    The Boys before the girl
    The boy children at the carnival before the girl came... a simpler time!
  • Then there were three… 3 of 22
    Then there were three...
    I actually had maternity pictures done this time around, and having the boys in them made the photos priceless! How cute are they?
  • Meeting Baby Sister for the first time 4 of 22
    Meeting Baby Sister for the first time
    How cute is this? This was our first photo all together. Addison was about 12-ish hours old there!
  • New Toy! 5 of 22
    New Toy!
    From the moment they held her... they were in love! They are the best big brothers!
  • Ben and Addie at Home 6 of 22
    Ben and Addie at Home
    The day Addison came home, Ben was the first to get to hold her (Daddy was to the left in the picture)
  • Second Birthday Party 7 of 22
    Second Birthday Party
    Ben turned 2 in May, just three weeks after his sister joined our family! He had a Car's birthday party.
  • Fire Trucks! 8 of 22
    Fire Trucks!
    2011 has been brought to you by Fire Trucks... that is ALL the boys want to play with.
  • Summer Fun 9 of 22
    Summer Fun
    This has to be one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken. I got lucky when Camden was playing with the hose.
  • My Blue Eyes 10 of 22
    My Blue Eyes
    I love Ben's eyes... and this picture... Another one of my favorites from the year!
  • A Plane! 11 of 22
    A Plane!
    You can see how much he has grown up just since the summer!
  • Growing 12 of 22
    Another one of my favorite shots just showing how much they have grown up. I still can't believe it!
  • Mr. Cheeseball 13 of 22
    Mr. Cheeseball
    Every picture he always has a giant cheese... at least when he knows I am taking the picture
  • Mommy’s 26th Birthday 14 of 22
    Mommy's 26th Birthday
    This was in June for my birthday... Addie was still so small!
  • Ice cream! 15 of 22
    Ice cream!
    This summer was also brought to you by ice cream, and lots of it!
  • The Three 16 of 22
    The Three
    This one I took over the summer... Addie really didn't want to be a part of it!
  • Brothers 17 of 22
    They love each other so much... Moments like this I cherish. Mainly because they aren't trying to kill each other also... LOL!
  • First Day of School 18 of 22
    First Day of School
    I sent my first born to school in September... talk about gut wrenching! He loves it and is doing great, and of course I feel much better 4 months into it!
  • He adores her! 19 of 22
    He adores her!
    I have never seen a big brother adore a younger sibling as much as he adores her. It melts my heart daily. Just two days ago, she was crying while playing with her toys and he grabbed the "purse" Santa brought for her and started handing her the make up and cell phone from it telling her she needs it to cheer up. LOL!
  • Pumpkin Time! 20 of 22
    Pumpkin Time!
    Ben didn't want any part of it... LOL
  • Halloween 2011! 21 of 22
    Halloween 2011!
    The boys in their costumes. Camden: a Circus Clown, and Ben: Elmo! His favorite!
  • Merry Christmas! 22 of 22
    Merry Christmas!
    This should have been our Christmas card had I been able to get my shit together and actually sent one out! HA!


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