Harrison's Top 9 Toys

Hey, y’all.  It’s Harry again!

I’m a pretty lucky dude.  I have the entire summer to hang out at the pool or beach but once the weather gets nasty and we head indoors, BAM! it’s my birthday and Christmas.   So while I am always sad to see my splash table head to the garage and frost cover my slide, I know there’s some good stuff in my near future.

This year, I’m two and hitting up all the popular toddler gear.  I like to make sure I’m an expert on the good stuff so when the fellas on the playground need a recomendation, I know the best training wheels around.  Or when the cuties need a new play kitchen recipe, I am their Top Chef, baby.

Here’s my current Top 9 List (#10 remains a secret), but don’t let my momma see it – I don’t want her thinking she’s figured me out just yet.  I know the list will change next week.

  • Garbage Trucks 1 of 9
    Garbage Trucks
    Really, any recycling or garbage truck will do, but my current favorite is this no-noise, no-frills bad boy from Toys Story 3.
    Photo Credit: Fisher Price
  • The Stomp Rocket 2 of 9
    The Stomp Rocket
    An outside toy, but so much fun. Just air & foam & good aim is all you need.
    Photo Credit: Stomp Rocket
  • Alex Parking Garage 3 of 9
    Alex Parking Garage
    Santa brought me this and it is perfect for Matchbox Cars or Hotwheels. There's even an elevator!
    Photo Credit: Toys R Us
  • Play Kitchen 4 of 9
    Play Kitchen
    My kitchen is a little different, but I love baking up cookies or roasting a bit of puzzle piece.
    Photo Credit: Melissa & Doug
  • Matchbox Cars and Hotwheels 5 of 9
    Matchbox Cars and Hotwheels
    I mean, duh.
    Photo Credit: Toys R Us
  • Puzzles 6 of 9
    I'm a puzzle machine. I'm really good with these chunky puzzles from Melissa & Doug, so Momma's been on a mission to find me harder ones. I'm up to 3 year old puzzles now. Like BOOM.
    Photo Credit: Melissa & Doug
  • My swingset. 7 of 9
    My swingset.
    If it's over 30 degrees and not pouring down rain, you know where to find me. Killin' the slide in my backyard.
    Photo Credit: Step2
  • Playdoh 8 of 9
    My parents tell me they used to play with this, too. Wow, this stuff has been around since the stone ages!
    Photo Credit: Hasbro Playdoh
  • Crayola Color Wonder 9 of 9
    Crayola Color Wonder
    I can color to my heart's content and Momma doesn't have to worry about the walls or carpet. Which means she can have an extra cup of coffee in the morning.
    Photo Credit: Crayola Color Wonder

Now if I can just convince the parental units to get me a train table, I’ll be set.

Did any of your kiddo’s favorites make Harry’s list?

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