Have Yourself a Merry Little – Who Am I KIDDING?

delay christmasI always wondered why people would move around Christmas. Then it happened to us.

9 days ago we moved out of a cramped apartment into our new home. We had 2 large PODs, a 26 foot truck  and 5 loads of crap in our Expedition dumped into this house. It’s been like living in a hoarder’s house minus the dead cats and filthy floors (oh wait, nevermind I have toddlers). Boxes are stacked everywhere, toddlers running around like little maniacs and our older kids acclimating themselves to a new life with new friends and new school. Oh and throw in 2 of the kids being sick for good measure, and a husband who has to undergo surgery for the 3rd time in 3 months.

Christmas is in 14 days. That’s 2 weeks and well, can I reschedule? No seriously. It’s not like these toddlers KNOW it’s Christmas. So what if we split up the Christ’s birth part and the commercial hoo-ha into 2 days that way the family can celebrate the reason and the season both religious and secular and I could get everything done. That would be too easy wouldn’t it.  Merry Christmas is more like BAH HUM BUG and this makes this Christmas lover cranky.

I don’t want to unpack another box. I want to enjoy the season. The Christmas crafts I dream of doing with the toddlers, the Christmas cookies I wish I was baking – delayed. It’s mostly first world problems, and for that I am thankful but did I mention how much I love this time of year?

If you are feeling less than mother of the year right about now, welcome to the club – you are not alone. Enjoy these photos of the chaos that I am hoping to fix in the next 2 weeks.

  • 2/3 of a Christmas Tree 1 of 10
    2/3 of a Christmas Tree
    I have 2/3 of my Christmas tree up, sure not all the lights appear to be working... Now just to find the top half and I guess it needs ornaments.
  • Christmas Mantel? Not QUITE! 2 of 10
    Christmas Mantel? Not QUITE!
    Pinterest THIS! This is what a plain mantel with hodge podge thrown on it until I have time to put it together.
  • Christmas Decor Everywhere 3 of 10
    Christmas Decor Everywhere
    The boxes of Christmas goodies are half open spilling out fake pine needles from Christmas garland.
  • Lights! 4 of 10
    And then I realized that I need an extension cord, which is most likely in the garage (see next).
  • Our Re-enactment of Hoarders 5 of 10
    Our Re-enactment of Hoarders
    No, this isn't a scene from Hoarders. This is my garage. Somewhere buried in this sea of boxes is my missing Christmas stuff.
  • Decorated Dog Cage 6 of 10
    Decorated Dog Cage
    The older kids at least decorated the dog's cage. Our Pug, Animal is freaked out by all of the glitz.
  • Toys! 7 of 10
    These are Christmas gifts I bought months ago. The kids found them, so now they are donations. Which means I guess I should buy Christmas gifts..
  • And the Stockings Weren’t Hung 8 of 10
    And the Stockings Weren't Hung
    But hey, at least I found all 6 of them!
  • Sick Kid 9 of 10
    Sick Kid
    Asleep, praying he doesn't have strep throat like his sister.
  • The Kids’ Christmas Tree 10 of 10
    The Kids' Christmas Tree
    This is what happens when you let your kids decorate their own tree. Thankfully it's tucked away in the game room upstairs.

This is our year of crazy. We will make the best memories that we can (thankfully the toddlers are too wee to remember too much!). The gifts may not be wrapped and the stockings may not be hung, but we are going to enjoy every minute of it. Though if I convince the older kids to put off the secular just a few days, say December 30 -I’d so do it. (And just think of the after Christmas deals I could get!)

Are You Ready For Christmas? 

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