Having Nice Fabric Dining Chairs With A Toddler

Yes, my toddler eats on a nice fabric parsons chair. Just like the rest of the family.

I have loved parsons chairs forever.  So when I received some Christmas money from my mother-in-law, I sold my old solid oak chairs on Craiglist and purchased fabric parsons chairs for our kitchen table.  Which might mean that I’m still a little crazy, given that we have a two-year-old in the house.


Two year olds = messy, sticky fingers, crayons, dropped food, dirt.

When they first arrived in all their darling blue paisley glory, I felt concerned on how to keep them clean.  So I threw an old towel under Harrison’s booster seat, but that did not last when he chucked a cup of milk over his shoulder.  Thankfully, it came out with Shout! spray and no harm was done, but I realized that I needed a solution that was a) waterproof and b) removeable.

Here’s how I am protecting my new beloved chairs in a cute way that blends in with the rest of the decor:

  • Step One: Chair 1 of 5
    Step One:  Chair
    I fell in love with these chairs but they're not exactly "toddler friendly." Especially when spaghetti is involved.
  • Step Two: Plastic cover 2 of 5
    Step Two:  Plastic cover
    I bought a plastic table cloth cover from Bed Bath & Beyond for $4.99, then cut it to fit the chair. Be sure you stuff the plastic down into the crease where the seat meets the back. This keeps the chair "waterproof" from any spills that might soak through the cover.
  • Step Three: Washable cover 3 of 5
    Step Three:  Washable cover
    I purchased a microfiber washable cover for $14.99 (+ 20% off coupon). I slipped it over the plastic cover from Step Two. I chose a dark color to skip potential stains & it's easy to remove for the washing machine.
  • Step Four: Booster Seat 4 of 5
    Step Four:  Booster Seat
    A toddler-friendly parsons chair! & when we have guests, I simply remove the plastic & cover to have a fresh & ready chair for a guest!
  • It fits in with the decor! 5 of 5
    It fits in with the decor!
    Sure, it sticks out a little, but I could easily purchase covers for all four chairs.

How have you adapted your style and home to fit a toddler?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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