He May Be Ready to Potty Train – But I’m Not

potty trainMy 2-year-old tells me when he poops. He squats over the toy basket (oh it’s quite the sight to see) pretending to go potty. Urine and feces are a common things he likes to discuss. Sure, these maybe signs that my kid is ready to potty train, but I’m not ready to go there.

With my first 2 kids, I had a secret weapon when it came to potty training. Her name is Miss Nicky. She was my older kids teacher from the time they were little until they entered grade school. We use to laugh and call her Mary Poppins because of the crazy way the kids loved and listened to her. When it came to potty training, she had both of my older kids pooping and peeing by the time they were 2. We didn’t have to do any of the major work. We didn’t have to deal with accidents or attitudes. And now, we live too far away for our younger kids to attend school with Miss Nicky so this mom has to go at it alone and I’m scared.

My 15-month-old is no where near ready for the potty, so I’m changing diapers anyways. (Bonus: Our 2 toddlers wear the same size diaper!) All of these excuses are giving me even more reason to slack in the potty training area.

  • Too use a little potty or use a potty seat?
  • Use pull-ups or go naked?
  • Pee standing or sitting?
  • Sing songs or read books?

TOO much for this mom to handle. Maybe after the holidays….. 2013 new year’s resolution? Maybe.

Do You Have Any Words of Potty Training Wisdom? 

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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