Help! My Toddler Gets Carsick

10318596_10104496571122273_2114687439_n.jpgLiving in Manhattan, taking a car ride is a luxury. Most of the time we either walk or take public transportation.

Last weekend we lived that life of luxury when we had to get a car for a little family getaway out of the city. The girls always get so excited when we get in the car because it is so rare for us.

On Saturday morning Avery excitedly got in her car seat as we were about to begin our road trip. I purposely put her car seat towards the front of the car because she has complained about her stomach hurting on road trips before. Rather than giving her the iPad to watch a movie, I placed it on the headrest so that she could look up and not down. I did everything I could to try to keep her from getting motion sickness on our car ride.

The entire ride she did great and never once complained about having a stomachache, but as soon as we arrived to our destination she got out of the car and immediately told me her belly was hurting. About five minutes later, she threw up all over the ground (at least she waited until she got out of the car.) As soon as she did it she told me her stomach didn’t hurt anymore and she was feeling better.

I felt so bad that she got sick and want to do whatever I can to make car rides more enjoyable for her, but I am at a loss of what else to do. We are purchasing a car soon so her trips are just going to become much more frequent, and I’d hate for her to get sick every single time she gets in the car.

Do you have a toddler that gets motion sickness? Any advice would be appreciated!

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