Help, My Toddler Hates Clothes!

BooBoo is a total ham. He loves to crack jokes, make silly noises and scare people. He also loves to be naked. A lot.

We don’t live in a naked house. My 8 year old is shy and reserved and having two boys I’m naturally modest (and riddled with cellulite but whatevs).

So my little nudist thinks nothing of going commando because “it feel better” (his words) and taking it all off in mixed company just to get a reaction. Hey, I consider myself pretty progressive and I don’t think the human body is anything to be ashamed of (stupid cellulite), but that doesn’t mean BooBoo’s naked body should be on display.

Whether it’s a matter of modesty or privacy or both, cover up that naked butt Little One! As adorable and hilarious as you are, your naked booty is only funny once.

My husband seems to think BooBoo’s nudist tendencies are hilarious, especially in mixed company. Me, not so much so I know we’re giving off mixed messages here. I’ve tried everything to get him to keep his clothes on; from awesome character T-shirts to cutting out the dreaded tags (I have no idea what size anything is anymore). I try to buy comfortable clothing made of soft fabrics without a lot of zippers and buttons and still, off with his clothes! Keep your shirt (and undies and pants) on kid!

Do you have a little nudist in the family? How do you keep the clothes on?

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