Help! My Toilet Smells Like An Out House!

out house
It may look nice, but the smell...

Caution, if you’re squeamish about toilets, this is not the post for you.

I’ve faced the facts. I’m outnumbered in my house. Mommy is the only one without the ability to pee standing up.  I’ve never been particularly good at squatting, either, but enough about me.

Let’s talk about my toilet. My household toilet. There are actually two of them, but one of them is out of order. That makes one toilet with three people using it. Well, four if you count Fuzz throwing things in it as using it. In a few weeks we’ll move to our summer place where there really is only one toilet, in a bathroom the size of my little finger.

Lately, despite that I clean and wipe down the outside of the toilet multiple times a day, it still smells.

So, obviously, even though I’ve seen Shnook have perfect aim, it appears that he doesn’t have perfect aim ALL the time. Cases include:

  • post-nap urination
  • middle of the night urination
  • morning urination
  • distracted urination (in the middle of a story, or something like this)

That’s a lot of times. Also, for the most part, when he ‘misses,’ it doesn’t go on the floor, just kind of around the outside of the toilet (and probably eventually on the floor, if no one cleans it up right away).

I’ve been reminding him to aim directly in the center, but it doesn’t seem to be sticking.

Some friends were discussing this on Facebook recently. One says she has her son clean up after himself  every time he goes, but he’s a bit older.  Another friend has three sons and had them aim at Cheerios. Perhaps I should try this method, because even though he knows how to get it in the bowl, if he can visualize the Cheerios every time, he might be more apt to get it in the bowl.

Not sure about that middle of the night one, though. He’s barely awake. In some senses, I know this is a losing battle, considering I’m going to have another one going in there in about a year give or take.

So, who has some strategies for dealing with this problem? I’d prefer not to be able to smell my bathroom from the hallway.

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