Henry’s Concepts: City Living Through a Toddler’s Eyes

When Wyndham was wee, during his very first year, I had a glorious mat leave from my then position with the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto. Twelve magical months wherein we toured and traipsed throughout that entire city. Every park, every farmers market, museum, gallery, interesting nook and cranny.

So when I first came across Alex Neary’s photography on the Bunch Family website, I was immediately smitten. All of the imagery induced waves of very fond memories to wash over my traitorous suburban (now), soul. I immediately contacted Alex to see if I could feature some of her photos here on Babble, and she was only too happy to share!

Alex is a part-time photographer of Wild Eyed Photography and nanny to Henry, the brilliant ‘creative director’ (if you will) behind the composition of the photo series, Henry’s Concepts, that you are about to view. Alex and Henry spend their days touring the city, and Alex lets Henry choose where he’d like to stop and take pictures. She then asks him to take his time choosing his pose (they call it ‘doing a pose’), and to tell her when he’s ready!

According to the interview that Bunch Family blogger Helen Spitzer had with Alex, she (Alex), used to tell him where to stand and how to pose. He was a happy and willing participant to his doting nanny’s creativity, and Henry quickly caught on to this and began calling the shots himself. It wasn’t long before Henry wanted to expand his photography experience from being the model to taking his hand at turning the lens on his nanny! He asked Alex to show him how to take pictures with her iPhone — and the rest is history. A magnificent series of big city life, of a nanny mimicking her charge … shot and directed through the eyes of that two-and-a-half-year-old toddler. 

*All images used with permission via Alex Neary of Wild Eyed Photography.

  • Creative Direction Knows No Age… 1 of 15

    Click though to see Henry's brilliance at play and work!

  • Anything Goes 2 of 15

    I love how ready and willing Alex is to pose any way that Henry desires. You can really see his humorous mind at play with many of these pictures.

  • Lil’ Poser 3 of 15

    I mean, seriously. Pretty badass for a toddler. And can we just a take a moment of appreciative silence to admire Alex's hip, comfortable style? I dig it.

  • Toddler Yoga? 4 of 15

    Child's pose in the park, in the sand-box no less. What, you don't? Something tells me that if more of us did yoga with our toddlers, their wild, erratic output may just come down a bit. This park in particular holds a lot of memories for me, I used to take Wyndham to it all the time!

  • If Only This Were True … 5 of 15

    Oh, how I wish the graffiti statement on that garage door were true. I constantly feel like my time is getting hijacked and there just aren't enough hours in the day. You? Also? THOSE BOOTS.

  • Toddler Muscle 6 of 15

    Something tells me that Henry isn't one to mess with. But really, are any toddlers? It always amazes me how strong, flexible, and resilient toddlers are. Pretty brilliant pose there, young Henry! Bravo!

  • And Then I Died… 7 of 15

    I mean, just stop it with the cuteness Henry! (But really, don't) Clearly he's been an avid pupil of his nanny Alex. I wonder if he knows about squinching yet.

  • A Day at the Museum 8 of 15

    Technically, you're not allowed to do what they're doing there with those bars! That's right, young Henry! Don't bow to the conformities of society! 

  • Yet Even More Toddler Yoga 9 of 15

    More brilliant outfits on both Henry and Alex, and yet even more brilliant poses and locals. Whose form is better here?

  • Dapper 10 of 15

    One of the many great things about Toronto is that it's a photographer's paradise, with so many great venues, spots, and random alleyways for a photo shoot. Knowing that Henry struck this pose all on his own does something to my ovaries that's just not right.

  • Mad Fish 11 of 15

    Henry seems to favor one-leg up poses. He also had a great eye for graffiti, this particular mural wins.

  • Tough Guy 12 of 15

    Clearly Henry is about as badass as a toddler can get. This photo was surely shot in Kensington Market, my old digs and a great place to bring toddlers exploring. 

  • Strike a Pose 13 of 15

    Someone's introduced young Henry to yoga AND Madonna. All is right with the world after all.

  • Mischief 14 of 15

    These two are trouble (the good kind), together, I'm sure of it. Climbing walls and directing photo shoots, all in a day's work for young, stylish Henry.

  • Like a Lion 15 of 15

    Not an unusual pose to see a toddler in. It would seem Henry knows himself well and is quite comfortable with himself. I hope he never loses that.


Be sure to follow Alex and Henry’s adventures along via the Wild Eyed Facebook Page and Alex’s Instagram!


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