Her Very 1st Days (of Preschool)

So it has commenced. Our little ham has started going to preschool with her bro. Part-time, but still. This is huge! So much socialization with little ones her age. Amazing program planning. An environment that believes in the benefits of offering both Montessori and Waldorf techniques and styles, so they blend in both.

Seemingly very naturally. Nothing too contrived, lots of free-play – yet structured.

I like.

For a while there we were looking at local Montessori schools and even went on a waiting list. Don’t know why I was such a try hard about it when a perfectly amazing school had already been found and would do the job just fine. More than fine. Don’t get me wrong – that waiting list may have been the only reason we didn’t make the move then, but I’m glad it was our obstacle.

I still covet their veggie and herb garden and green play-space. Which, as it turns out – we can have the best of all worlds come time for when Wyndham (and eventually Abby) starts school. They can attend their summer camp! Totally different set-up and no waiting list! I know. Weird, but I’ll take it.

I did have wandering thoughts about the possibility that maybe the owner was glossing up the long “waiting list,” because Abby was on a soother and Wyndham wasn’t potty-trained yet. A couple of no-nos in a Montessori environment. Both of which are non-issues now. Yep, Abby is soosie-free, more on that later. There is a charming/amusing story to tell about everything that girl does my friends. Everything.

For now though, let us just admire her blatant early love for fashion, puzzles, knapsacks, her brother, books and acting the ham. Preschool? Well, it’s been touch and go.

  • Of Brave Heart & Winning Smile… 1 of 16
    Of Brave Heart & Winning Smile...
    A week in the life of a fashion loving toddler girl and her first week of preschool.
  • Of Course I Did 2 of 16
    Of Course I Did
    Wyndham has had his knapsack going on 2 years now, so I can testify to not only the sweetness of Skip Hop knapsacks, but also their durability. Frequent washings? Bring it. Major cute factor? Attained. I got Abby's owl one on Amazon with free 2 day shipping as a mom-prime member! You should look into that.
  • Morning Antics 3 of 16
    Morning Antics
    On her first day (not very much different than any other day), after bum changes she insists on putting one of her tutus on. Obviously I oblige, because look. Additional accessories added on by her, including the pose / facial expression. Little ham I told you.
  • Whoo, Whooo, Who’s Out There? 4 of 16
    Whoo, Whooo, Who's Out There?
    Catching her and her bro having a conversation about owls, and how one is in the tree outside. (Even though there's not.) They are both obsessed with owls. My work here is done.
  • What Goes Down While The Girls Get Ready 5 of 16
    What Goes Down While The Girls Get Ready
    A lot of this. If choice music isn't playing, there's a problem. Dude needs him some rock and roll in the morning.
  • 1st Outfit 6 of 16
    1st Outfit
    This is the ensemble that we co-chose together. That's right. At 20 months, little ham is very much into getting dressed, choosing articles of clothing and accessories. Oh dear.
  • If I Just Lay Here, No One Will Notice Me 7 of 16
    If I Just Lay Here, No One Will Notice Me
    On not wanting to take off her beloved knapsack to put on her coat. No way, no how. Minor catastrophe and wrestling match ensues.
  • 2nd Day 8 of 16
    2nd Day
    I don't even have to try.
  • 3rd Day 9 of 16
    3rd Day
    Perhaps, I too - am having far too much fun dressing up my little girl. This particular outfit made the final cut for our own L. Hartman's, 7 Days of Style Instagram Challenge.
  • Snow Pants…I Hates Them 10 of 16
    Snow Pants...I Hates Them
    "When's is spring coming mom? Wheeeeeennnn?"
  • 4th Day 11 of 16
    4th Day
    I eat her.
  • 5th Day 12 of 16
    5th Day
    At this point, she is telling me, "No Miss Faith, No Miss Faith". (One of her teachers, who she really likes, but she doesn't want to go to school.)
  • 6th Day 13 of 16
    6th Day
    Back to smiling.
  • 7th Day 14 of 16
    7th Day
    Not so sure about this preschool thing.
  • Hugs 15 of 16
    This right here made my heart melt. Wyndham encouraging his sister and telling her how much fun she'll have, while her feet are firmly planted into the floor, not wanting to take another step. Things quickly got less cute as he tried to drag her by the neck into her classroom.
  • Begrudgingly, She Walked In… 16 of 16
    Begrudgingly, She Walked In...
    Only to have a complete and utter meltdown - a scenario of which occurs only when I drop her off. When her dad takes her? ALL SMILES. About that. Mama's girl, or am I wrapped?


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