Here, There & Everywhere: The Evolutionary Traveling Style of A & W

Over the past few days I’ve been wading through seemingly endless streams of digital pictures. While I may be great (as in consistent), at taking pictures – I’m not the best at preserving them and displaying them outside of the internets.

You know, in our own home to enjoy. With the fresh spring breeze wafting throughout my house, I’ve been tackling big and little jobs like this on the steady. Long lists my friends. Very long lists.

While I’ve been lost down this rabbit hole of my precious family memories, I started to organize different albums for a couple of Instagram wall ideas I have. One of which revolves heavily around my two little ones throughout the past (almost!) two years. Specifically  in shopping carts, strollers, wagons and other such adorable, age-evolutionary sibling moments in travel – captured.

  • Have Toddlers, Will Travel 1 of 25
    Cute Toddlers in Shopping Carts

     Shopping carts, chariots, name it, they do it in style.

  • 1st Time 2 of 25
    Cute Baby And Toddler In a Wagon

    Their very 1st wagon ride together. Yes, that's a BF'ing pillow used to prop baby girl up.

  • 2 to a Cart 3 of 25
    Baby and Toddler in a Grocery Cart

    One about to pass out the other hoping it doesn't happen on her.

  • 1st Swing 4 of 25
    Baby and Toddler in Swings

    Chubsters R U L E.

  • Rockin’ The Chub… 5 of 25
    Chubby Baby & Toddler in a Grocery Cart

    ...and technology. Bless their hearts. 

  • Ice Cream Truck 6 of 25
    Toddler Feeding Baby Ice Cream

    Glory be! 

  • Only Slightly Terrifying 7 of 25
    Baby and Toddler in a Swing Together

    For me. Who did you think I was talking about?

  • Eatin’ & Shoppin’ 8 of 25
    Baby and Toddler Eating

    This is right around the age wherein Wyndham realized that life was way better outside of the grocery cart and began his first begging/meltdown sesh to be let out and run wild / terrorize all who came in his path. Or maybe just me. Yea, pretty sure just me. This is when the iPhone or other such screen-like distractions come in handy.

  • Long Summer Days 9 of 25
    Cute Baby and Toddler in a Wagon

    Ah, those were the days (last year). When they still loved the wagon. Now they are all about running, bike-riding and wreaking havoc in the streets. Streets are always preferred for some reason. Why is that?

  • Rockstars 10 of 25
    Baby and Toddler wearing sunglasses

    Fame hasn't gone to their heads with these two. They still to this day do their own grocery shopping.

  • Chariot Love Forever 11 of 25
    Baby and Toddler in a Double Stroller

    We never got a double stroller. We have a bike chariot that we use for the obvious (yep, biking), that also converts into a double stroller. I'm all about the purchase of LESS BABY GEAR. Please no more baby gear.

  • 1st of The #RedDoorSeries 12 of 25

    Lots of pictures throughout the past year and half have happened outside of our big red, orangey front door. This was their first.

  • Never a Dull Moment 13 of 25
    Cute Baby and Toddler

    Of this I can be guaranteed with these two around. I gave up some time ago having crispy clear shots. Those and toddlers very rarely happen.

  • Dressing Themselves 14 of 25
    Toddler Dressing Himself

    As you may be able to surmise by the shoes. Other than that - good to go!

  • Costco is The Place To Be 15 of 25
    Baby and Toddler in a Shopping Cart

    Just ask their mom.

  • Strollin’ 16 of 25

    On their own to feet. The preferred method of travel for them these days. Everywhere. All the time. Even, you know - to their grandparents' house which is 100 km away.

  • Swing by Sunset 17 of 25
    Toddlers In Swings

    Making little people happy can be SO HARD, yet SO EASY. 

  • The Family That Shops Together… 18 of 25
    Toddlers in a Grocery Cart

    ...Stays together. Or something.

  • Last Ride 19 of 25
    Toddler Swinging Together

    This was taken last fall on what was to be their last baby swing ride together. Wyndham has since moved up to the big boy swing. OOFff!

  • Situation 20 of 25
    Toddlers in Snowsuits

    Snowsuits. I hates them. For numerous reasons, including this one. Tell me how I'm going to push two carts at once? Not happening.

  • Sledding 21 of 25
    Baby and Toddler Tobagganing

    Not for the faint of heart when potty-training. Just saying.

  • Not Without My Baby 22 of 25
    Toddler With Baby Doll

    Somewhere around 15 months, there was no way Abby was going anywhere without one of her babies. The hardcore love is still going strong today.

  • Rain Ready 23 of 25
    Toddlers in Raincoats

    Rain or shine, these two need to get outside or else I have some first world toddler PROBLEMS on my hands.

  • Bumps on a Log 24 of 25
    Toddlers on a Nature Hike

    Except not really. These be some wily, wily children.

  • Grand Finale 25 of 25
    Toddler Asleep in Shopping Cart

    Toddlers sleep in the weirdest places, confirmed.


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