Here We Go With Impetigo

Poor little polk-a-dot face!

Last week, I shared how my husband and I were both down and out with strep throat recently. Once we had our official diagnosis, we went into overdrive cleaning, sanitizing, and making sure we spread as few germs to Cullen as possible. I knew how rotten we felt, and I couldn’t even imagine passing that along to his little toddler body.

At the time he just had a runny nose, and we were grateful that he seemed to have dodged the bullet. Then last week, he started getting some strange spots on his face. It looked a lot like acne, and I figured his skin was just breaking out because I’d been wiping his nose so much (and it’s pretty sensitive anyway). Those few spots turned into a few more, and spread onto his cheeks and chin. I did some very scientific Googling, and decided I’d take him to the doctor if it wasn’t better after the weekend.

This morning we woke up, and while the spots actually did look a bit better, I figured it was time to get it checked out. I also got a text from a friend that her little guy (who plays with Cullen often) had a similar rash breaking out on his face. Uh oh.

A trip to the pediatrician this morning gave us a new diagnosis:  impetigo. Apparently it’s a bacterial skin infection that is pretty common in young children, and is often caused by exposure to the bacteria streptococcus – the same bacteria that is responsible for strep throat. Ahhhhhh, that makes more sense now.

My pediatrician actually told me this morning that kids Cullen’s age don’t usually get strep throat – it’s not something they are typically susceptible to until they are older. But often times the same bacteria can manifest itself into different things – things like impetigo. We’ve got a script for some antibiotics, and I’m happy that I didn’t wait any longer to take him in. Of course, I feel terrible that he passed it along to his little buddy, but at least it’s just a harmless rash and not the stomach flu.

Here’s hoping he’s got his beautiful baby skin back soon!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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