Here’s Looking At You, Kid

Watching himself on the big screen!

My husband has been working a lot recently, which has meant that more (or most) of the parenting responsibilities have fallen to me. I’m used to being home with Cullen during our days, but after a loooong day of playing, signing, wiping, and dancing – the evenings can feel really tiresome. The hours between 4 and 7 PM can feel like an eternity.

For some reason, Cullen is particularly clingy in the evenings. He wakes up from his afternoon nap and just wants to be held for a while. He is fiercely independent all morning and afternoon, but in the evenings he is ready to snuggle. It can be a challenge to do things like prep dinner with a child dangling off my hip.

So I’ve found a new way to keep him entertained in the evenings. The television. Not very revolutionary, right? But he’s not watching TV shows – they don’t really hold his attention, and he’s never shown much interest. But he does love watching something else…

Himself! Since we live far away from family, we’ve taken a LOT of videos of him over the past thirteen months. Every few weeks, I upload a bunch of them to my YouTube channel so that we can share them with eager grandparents. A few weeks ago, we got a new Xbox 360 console. I was thrilled to discover that among all the other gaming and video features, the Xbox 360 + Kinect has a YouTube app. We can log in and watch all our YouTube videos on the big screen!

So when Cullen is being a grump and his toys are no longer interesting, I’ll turn on “The Cullen Show” for a bit and let him watch himself crawl, walk, and swim around. My favorite part is watching him watch himself. He always seems worried during newborn videos where he starts to cry, and he laughs right along when he sees his first giggles. I can’t blame him – I could sit and watch his videos for hours and hours too!  But it’s also a nice way to help get dinner on the table a little bit more easily at night.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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