He's a Big Brother!

Our sweet little baby girl, Blair, arrived on June 8th and our family has been settling into life as a family of five. Both of my older children adore her and love their new roles as big sister and big brother.

Brenden, for the most part, gives Blair her space and isn’t overly interested in her most of the time. He’s usually too involved in playing, or rather making a ginormous mess, in some other area of the house while I’m sitting and nursing and can’t do anything about it. But, when he decides that he wants to hold the baby, he gives her lots of love, and is very gentle and sweet with her.

Pretty much every time that he sits down and holds her the first thing he says is, “Awww, she likes me.” And then he kisses her on the cheek. It’s about the cutest thing ever.

And the other day she was fussy and crying and he said, very matter of factly, “I think she wants her big brother.” So, so sweet!

And because you can never take too many pictures of a new baby, here’s some off Bren with Blair in his new role as big brother!

  • Baby Sister 1 of 13
    Baby Sister
    Meeting his new baby sister for the first time!
  • Hands Off! 2 of 13
    Hands Off!
    We have to keep reminding them to keep their hands off her face!
  • Siblings 3 of 13
    They adore her already.
  • Big Brother 4 of 13
    Big Brother
    So proud!
  • Can’t get enough 5 of 13
    Can't get enough
    Whenever I put the baby down, they are all over her, they just can't get enough.
  • Sweet 6 of 13
    Daddy, Bren and Blaire. Love.
  • She likes me! 7 of 13
    She likes me!
    He says, "She likes me!" every time he holds her.
  • Baby Kisses 8 of 13
    Baby Kisses
    They love to kiss her and give her hugs.
  • Love 9 of 13
    Lots of sibling love. It melts my heart.
  • First Family Picture 10 of 13
    First Family Picture
    Our first time together as a family of five.
  • Big Sister, Big Brother 11 of 13
    Big Sister, Big Brother
    They just adore their baby sister!
  • Hugs 12 of 13
    Hugs and love!
  • Bonding Time 13 of 13
    Bonding Time
    She loves her big brother too. I think she might actually be smiling at him!

How did your toddler embrace their new role as a big brother or sister?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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