15 Hilarious Toddler Photobombs

toddler photobombWho knows how many times I have photobombed a picture. Preferably someone I do not know, while on vacation. I see it as a little gift to give someone – as they are scrolling thru endless vacation photos.

What’s a photobomb? According to the beloved Urban Dictionary…  A photobomb is an otherwise normal photo that has been ruined or spoiled by someone who was not supposed to be in the photograph. Or I take this a step further and someone who bombs the photo and makes it not the perfect picture that the photographer is looking for.

My favorite photobombs consist of those of toddlers. They innocently, well sometimes – don’t know what they are doing when *BOOM* – they photobomb a photo, making it forever memorable – aka screwing it up.  Get ready to chuckle!

Check out 15 Hilarious Toddler Photobombs after the jump!

  • Looks Just Like Mommy 1 of 15
    Looks Just Like Mommy
    But is that daddy?
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  • Get Me OUT OF HERE 2 of 15
    Get Me OUT OF HERE
    Someone hasn't had a nap.
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  • Look at Me! 3 of 15
    Look at Me!
    I'm the CUTE one!
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  • Migraines 4 of 15
    I wanted a brother. If I had a brother, my head wouldn't hurt.
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  • Creeper 5 of 15
    No love for your other brother?
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  • Nevermind the Child in the Back 6 of 15
    Nevermind the Child in the Back
    Totally just like my kid. Running away from his mom, all naked and stuff.
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  • Face Painted 7 of 15
    Face Painted
    Spiderman beats Tigerman.
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  • Big Sister 8 of 15
    Big Sister
    Aren't you suppose to be babysitting me?
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  • YooHooo… Look At Me! 9 of 15
    YooHooo... Look At Me!
    Don't worry, I'll work my way into the photo.
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  • Almost Got It! 10 of 15
    Almost Got It!
    Look, here is where my brain is. NO! I'm not picking my nose.
    image source:
  • What Brother? 11 of 15
    What Brother?
    No idea where my bubba went.
    image source:
  • COOTIES 12 of 15
    Mom is going to love hearing about this one.
    image source:
  • Mom, I’m Still Here. 13 of 15
    Mom, I'm Still Here.
    Yep, the skirt is TOO short. I'm not looking for a sibling anytime soon.
    image source:
  • This Finger Is MAGICAL! 14 of 15
    This Finger Is MAGICAL!
    When I show people this finger, my parents go crazy!
    image source:
  • When You Gotta Go 15 of 15
    When You Gotta Go
    Just don't aim over here, ok?
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