His First Birthday Party Invitation!

Harry’s own family party, where he received a Little People bus & Target-brand firetruck.

Okay, not his first. Harrison’s been to several birthday parties for the kids of my close friends, but this is the first birthday party he’s been invited to that had nothing to do with me.  It’s just so grown-up, y’all.

When I dropped him off at daycare yesterday, I found an envelope in his cubby with his name on it and found a birthday party invitation from one  his “classmates.”  It’s a little boy that Harry has mentioned several times when he talks about his day and I have it on good authority that this little boy is also a master of the big blue slide on the playground.  His party is themed around tractors and trains, so I know Harrison will love the party and I should RSVP to the mom pretty quickly.

But what do I buy for a birthday present?  I need suggestions on what’s appropriate money-wise!

I’m serious.  I have no idea what the “norm” is for spending on birthday presents for classmates.  Like I said, the only birthday parties we’ve attended have been for the children of my best friends and I tend to be a little…umm…excitable about birthday presents.  And first birthday parties tend to be a bigger deal than third birthdays.  I don’t mind spending money on good friends but what about a little guy I’ve never met?  Ten dollars?  My mom said that when we were young, we did presents that cost roughly $5 but these days I’m not sure you can even purchase a decent toy for $5.

Help!  What kind of “guidelines” do you use when buying birthday presents for little friends?

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