His Name is Daddy

dadIt’s happened.

Gone are the days where our 2-year-old calls his father by the moniker “Daddy.” He now will only call him by his real name, “Sean.”

“Sean, need food.”

“Sean, I hurt.”

“Sean, need wah wah.”

It’s never ending. During the first week we found it funny, but now it’s just getting annoying.

I totally get why kids do this. I’m not running around calling Sean, “Daddy,” so of course he is just repeating what I say, but all of this “Daddy” name business got me thinking. Why is it so irritating that he’s calling him “Sean?” Why does it matter if my husband is called “Sean” or “Daddy?” 

meet your dadThe only rational thought that I have as to why I am annoyed, and well actually – it’s pretty irrational – is that calling him “Dad” is a sign of respect. Where do I get such nonsense? Teen Mom of course. Farrah always called her mom’s husband by his real name. It’s actually her father. She revealed in one of those silly Dr. Drew after-shows that she doesn’t respect him as a father, so calls him by his real name. Ouch.

Wait, I know what you are thinking…. MOLLY, YOU ARE WEIRD. YOUR KID IS 2……AND WHY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH ARE YOU REFERENCING TEEN MOM? Please know that these are things I question daily.

But for now, I know this…..

This is just a phase that I know he will outgrow. Izaiah will go back to calling Sean, “Daddy.”  All will be right in the world, but why is it so important for a kid to call his “Dad” or “Daddy?” It’s because my husband has earned it. He works day in and day out for this family. All he’s ever wanted since seeing our first child’s face is to be a great father. Everyone else in the world calls him “Sean.”

So for the love of your father, call him “Daddy!”

Do You Call Your Parents By Their Names Or By “Mom” & “Dad”?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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